"Omega Rising" - The French Cathedral Burning - esoteric insights

“Omega Rising”

Positive esoteric insights for the LHP - The Burning of the Cathedral in France - meaning

Personal gnosis will show you that, Alpha and Omega are the Cosmic “I” and the Cosmic “AM” which you yourself eternally are at all times, as it is the fundament of your soul, the very fabric of what this Cosmos is essentially made of. All is the One, and the One is all, whether working with archetypes of the left or right hand path, or both at the same time, or the one after the other…;
All parts integrally are parts of the ‘One’ made to experience yourself in your ever becoming, ever evolving, or as what you ultimately are, the Source of all-in oneness and equality with all life.

To make things clear, the Roman Catholic Church (ruled by the Vatican) lies about the nature of God about the purpose of Yeshua Christ, or even about the true function of the left hand path when it comes to Self-deification and self-empowerment, lies about other deities as aspects and functions of the God-Mind. Angels and demons fight the same vices on this planet and both serve the source of all in one way or another as multi-facet beings - everything that does push away or treatens to stale the awakening to the nature of the God-Mind, especially when asked for, called upon, whether you speak to Lucifer or Archangel Michael, both equally serve the Source.

The vatican walks upon the path of self-detriment, and self-enslavement while using magick in many ways, and is a core element in all the vices you see on tihs earth today, being related to even to the running of other countries according to their agenda (see benjamin fulford, youtube)

But, I am here for the following: Jacques de Mollet is one of the Templars, here in the story that worked with ‘Baphomet’ towards self-liberation and self-deification of the human being.

Baphomet is an archetype of the God-Mind, and is thus part of the whole -
The Vatican being against and self-empowerment, as they are downward enslavers of the human race and absolutely nothing good what they claim to be in any way, shape or form attempted to hide truths towards self-liberation to syphon off money, power and wealth from humanity as a whole.

This event is related to “The Rise of the Omega” the Cosmic Mother and the Sacred Feminine,
Which Mary Magdalene was also aware of -something that was being suppressed consciously - this also relates to the Catholics burning ‘’‘witches’’’ randomly too.

I find it quite intruiguing that this event happened after my interaction with Kali, 2 days before the full moon.

This story is about wrongs being about to set rights, this is also the effect of a culmination of forces being called forth into this world, and there’s even more to follow.

You are the Kings (and Queens) being mentioned here - enjoy! :slight_smile:
(taken from facebook)

[Anaiya Sophia]

My Interpretation of the Notre-Dame fire.
When the fire began I was speaking with [Akara Sophia]
there was a glorious rapport between us, a sense of something coming together, a deep knowing that the land and it’s many cultures, races and traditions could find common ground. A wonderful euphoric sense of YES!

To then come off that call and be plunged heart first into the news of Notre-Dame in flames. Despite the shocking images I watched the live video, calmy. I watched the spire fall. I walked away and went silent for the whole night, mulling it over in my body.

Later when I went to bed I dropped 3 drops of Frankincense on my tongue and went to Notre-Dame and asked to receive the Truth.
I sensed elation. I sensed purification. I sensed freedom of spirit. All night I was in vigil, weaving in and out of many things.

The Templars built this Cathedral in honour of Mary Magdalene, who was/is personified as the Black Madonna. Going deeper still, Sophia. So many people have been burnt at the stake in front of Notre-Dame. The last Grand Master Jacques de Molay and countless women accused of being a witch. Still to this day we do not know the true figures of how many women were executed. Notre-Dame is also the central heart of Paris, being a massive vortex of many interlinking ley lines, known as the ‘point zero’. So whatever was happening up above, was also happening down below.

As we know this is happening at the start of Holy Week. The moment when Christ entered Jerusalem knowingly stepping into his initiation. One of the many artefacts housed at the cathedral is the Crown of Thorns. Thankfully, this is still safe.

And so, as we go deeper… Beneath the Cathedral lay the ruins of a Temple of Isis, who had an altar devoted to Jupiter. In Greek mythology, this would have been Zeus, in Ancient Egypt - Osirus. The resurrecting king. And the King of Resurrection.

Towards the end of my lucid dreaming, I received these words.

“By the time Notre-Dame is fully restored the Roman Catholic Church would have fallen into disrepair”.

My overall feeling is that the Sacred Feminine that dwells in the land beneath Notre-Dame is erupting and surging through all that is false and contained. As she opens the path like a fiery phoenix, so the utter pristine purity of the True Kings shall ARise. Birthed out of the flames of the Feminine. Only those who are brave enough to be incinerated by her act of destruction will arise as freshly newborn kings.

The Ile de la Cité (Island Notre-Dame sits on), is an ancient Pagan/Celtic sacred site that is in the throes of birthing itself.

My heart goes out to all the people suffering and feeling a sense of great loss. And heartfelt gratitude to those courageous fire-fighters.

May Peace Prevail and May the Truth be known to all people.


I am not reading all of that can you shorten it, please?


Why must everything about any natural catastrophe happening since the 20th Century always has to be a sign or omen?


After the intense energies many magicians have been feeling during this days it is obvious that the burning of the Notre-Dame de Paris (Comment je souhaite revenir a mon pays!) was an omen.

I took this omen in both a personal and global level; the destruction of those morals that have hindered my ascent for so long as well as the beginning of new things and the start of a new chapter in human history.

I still feel that we are in a transition period, but the new chapter is starting soon


We’ll see if you’re right. I don’t think that the Roman Catholic Church falling into disrepair is possible, they have far too much protection from their Saints. But, you may be right.

They’re looking at a chip malfunction in the fire warning system and a flawed ER Plan to send the fire trucks on time. I’m just glad no one was injured.

Ah mother isis.

Ave isis, aset, ishtar, ashtoreth

remember that there are a lot of muslims in paris who would love burn this too


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And they were starting some minor repairs so they had already removed the holy objects, like statues of Saints, so they were also unharmed by the fire. I silently wonder if the fire only happened because temporarily the holy protection of Notre-Dame de Paris was removed by the lack of presence of the holy items.

Awesome. Probably torched by muslim immigrants anyway so no minarets or modernist bullshit added. https://www.rt.com/news/494363-notre-dame-spire-redesign-original/