Olympian spirits Vs Goetic spirits

Hi Magi,

There are seven olympian spirits as below.
Aratron - Saturn
Bethor - Jupiter
Phaleg - Mars
Och - Sun
Haggith - Venus
Ophiel - Mercury
Phul - Moon

There are 72 Goetic spirits, list is too long to write down :stuck_out_tongue: .

I was wondering -
Which spirits are more powerful than the other and why??

Thanks in advance.



Hmm :thinking: this is a highly subjective question as the experiences and results each practitioner has will vary depending on their results with that spirit or spiritual force.

I’ve seen alot of post on a few forums regarding various spirits from each set and the results seem to vary greatly depending on the working or personal relationship that one has with a givin spirit.


would it not boil down to how many lower spirits report to the boss spirit? Also if the rank of the lower spirits matters?
I read somewhere that some of the olympian have several kings reporting to them, is it true?

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No clue on that one.

Not necessarily. As quality usally beats quantity in the long run.

This is also a complicated matter sense not all spirts in the various legions are recorded.

For example there are several goetic spirits according to the text that are “directly under” Amaymon and they each have their own legions.

Human deductive reasoning tends to fall short when dealing with spiritual comparisons. Sense they are not human and the mind has a habit to “project” humab qualities to things that are very much NOT human.


I did not know that some of the goetics report to amaymon.

Then how can one determine which spirits are more powerful in general? :stuck_out_tongue:


Work with them.


Agreed.Best route really, but again results may vary as the work and personal relationship with some spirits will vary as stated above.

Yeah storm it s good idea. It will take some time and lots of trial and error, till I become certain of which one is right for me.
I have worked with some of the goetics but not with the other. I was hoping to get insights from people who have already worked with both of these groups. That will help me decide which ones to choose for what.

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The goetic aren’t necessarily the same as Olympian spirits, but here is the thing.
The Qabalah as well as the Qlippoth have at least ten spheres. These are 7+x.
X stands for either 3 or 4, as the Qabalah has ten spheres while the Qlippoth has eleven sphere.
The 7 are the planets known to the ancients, while the remainder are the elements, or alternatively Neptune, Uranus and Pluto. Where these end up are subject to debate
However, what I would do is look at both trees, obtain the names from both and compare the descriptions or what you know about the goets. They may very well mesh so to speak, but Qabalah, Qlippoth, Olympic, and Goetic spirits seem largely independent. Not sure if this makes sense.

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Have you worked with the Olympian spirits?
If yes, Can you share your experiences with them?

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I haven’t evoked them, just mainly Phul and Och for talismans, though Phul was used in terms of a seal for early group work this month as the issues dealt with clairvoyance.
I can’t say much in terms of effect, not yet anyway.
My point was mainly that they (the planets) are given points on either tree, and the same rulers are largely present in the 72 goetic spirits.
So then it would seem if there were a Greek Qabalah, then you would find Olympic spirits in the tree.
However, each one has at least one sigil or seal, each one (Olympic or whatever else) are spirits, and should respond to the orphic hymn, the seal, and whatever correspondences. Only my opinion. I do know some adpts who work with them and get results.


In my experience it’s kind of like asking which medicine is most powerfdul and why - different meds treat different illnesses, a pill for high blood pressure will be totally useless against an infection for example.

If only one spirit was all-powerful in all areas, magicians in the past, working with very few consumer goods and often in fear of being persecuted, would never have developed the custom of calling on many and varied spirits.

I’ve found that planetary magick works well to boost other forms, so you don’t need to choose between them.


They are one in the same just by a different name.


Goetics, imo, never had any olympics work.

Yep. Everything is interconnected. Also nice rhyme.