Old Magician seeks new help

Hello.I am NOT new to this,but I need help:
I am obsessed and pretty much burned out.can you give me a reason to continue?

I have loved a goddess and now NOTHING means anything to me but daily crap.I am NOT a troll.I need help to continue.

What are your goals? What can you do right now?

Everyone gets burned out, hell i have been burned out for over a year. You gotta keep switching things up

If you want genuine help it would probably pay to be more descriptive.

[quote=“Magus shadow, post:1, topic:1148”]Hello.I am NOT new to this,but I need help:
I am obsessed and pretty much burned out.can you give me a reason to continue?

I have loved a goddess and now NOTHING means anything to me but daily crap.I am NOT a troll.I need help to continue.[/quote]

Obsessed how? Magick has become your life? Obsessed with an entity?

If your burned out get a hobby and try to socialize with people NOT affiliated with the occult and do NOT talk about occult stuff with them. Keep your mind off of it for a month or two or more if you need it.

If you loved a goddess and can’t get over it then treat it like what it was. A great experience and move on in search of the next great one. If your burned out and looking for a way to continue research a new magickal paradigm, find one that is unfamiliar and study and research and experiment. Anything will get stale if you do it long enough.

That’s about the best I have to offer given the vague details of your situation.

As usual, TWF is spot-on with his advice regarding the info that you provided and some solid solutions.

My suggestion would be the same my friend. Change it up completely. Start in the mundane spheres of your life perhaps? Go to a restaurant you would not consider & try something NEW! Take up meditation & yoga practice if you are not already involved with such practices. I would recommend Anapanasati/Mindfulness practice for meditation, and Iyengar for Yoga because of the grounding qualities these practices provide. These are my personal “grounding practices” and I know for me that these practices have changes my life.

I hope this helps! BTW, their is a LOT of help and wisdom on this forum. The Wandering Fool, Necro…these guys have a shit-ton of experience as well as others. Just keeping reaching out.


I echo the thoughts of each forum member here. What you have is some very good advice. If you don’t want to move onto and explore other systems of magick then just walk away from it for a while. Yes, I understand if you are serving a particular entity you can’t do this, but you can still serve the weekly/monthly tributes and when your not doing that focus your energies on something else which is not occult orientated. Have you had a good look on this forum? There are some people here doing some really good things. Reading their posts can be quite inspirational which could give you that incentive you need to get back into your practices.

Sorcery has led to some of the most crappy situations I’ve ever been in my life, however, it has also lead to many of the greatest and most death defying feats I’ve ever managed.

If you haven’t gone completely bat shit insane, or quit magick after a few years…You probably have a knack for it that’s too much to walk away from. It’s too easy to secure what you need with it.

I think you should try to contact red circle

You should think about the #1 crappy situation in your life, and see what about a dozen people can help you do about it ritually.

Usually every so often we do a group ritual to help people out. I’m pretty results oriented, so when I get results I consider it addicting. You may be burned out, but there are entities that heal, that change luck, can manipulate the outcome in court, and so on and so forth.

We can work with these beings very directly, very easily, and without offering our souls to do it. Learn some of the techniques we use, try it, then decide if you really want to give up. Because since I’ve come across this tool, that thought has never come across my mind.

P.S. Even here, there is a lot going on, a lot of personal breakthroughs and developments happen.

This is one of the best learning places, and E.A. continually gives us new material as time goes on that enriches our practices. And trust me,

The best is yet to come.

Best of Luck,
-Frater Apotheosis

I stand behind everything that’s already been said, and will add that these existential crises are crucial for our own development. As occultists, I think we cycle through this crisis more than most any other group of people, because we’re up to our elbows in the questions of existence and the deepest meanings of things.

For the most part, when we hit these moments, we don’t continue in the occult because it helps us with life, because we can get better things, we can iron out circumstances, etc. We continue in the occult because we’re absolutely obsessed with not only getting answers, but with experiencing conscious contact with the unknown. We’re driven to seek out the Mystery, and once we’ve seen it and touched it, a life in which football games and game-show competitions are the crises that drive us is no longer even an option…

Goddamn! …I don’t think Anyone could have fucking Summoned Up a better synapse on The Driving Passion better than That! lol!

I could never turn away from magick, it always freaks me out when I meat those who would or have, or even say it’s a possibility for them. they are full of crap for the most part, and are not as gifted as they claim. once your in, your in for good, you are always reletive to the center once you found it, and guess what the lesser wills unconsiously, and even some do so outright, and all demons will sign alligeniance to a human centra that is more capable to affect change in this realm then they, they will all sign on and make you their king if you are the light in the valley that shows the other side of the heights, can find their angelic half. and yes I’m babbling but it’s all true, and once your king, it’s good, it’s bad to be the king, but if you have the divine nature and honour you claim then you aint turning back, or casting off the lesser wills, unless you weren’t meant to rule them in the first place which case, you were deluded or lying about it. so yeah. eat your heart out and get to the gone.

It’s getting better.

Someone felt the need to refine the steel before it became a blade it would seem.

I like it here.