Old Magic My Intro

Hi guy im the creator blog Egyptwitchcraft i be happy to help you for my experiance in old egypt magic
special tnx from mr Ea and his teams like miss eva and miss mason & other for making this site and magic space.

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how do i get help from you?

Welcome to the forum. Please make an introduction post in either the new magician’s intro thread or as a topic in the new magician’s section. This is a forum rule and you must do this before making anymore posts ( this includes this thread )

Ask ur problem than me from my post
question and answare about old magic

okay no problem

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Good man, you wouldn’t believe how stubborn some of the newbies can be

No problem i coming for helping new magician
because alot of from them using from wrong books
it cause Insanity and mental problems and poverty and death of family members

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So you’ve got a fair amount of experience then? Egyptian magic in particular or have you worked through a few paths ?

i working with alot of path like summerian path they pray stars lke sun or a plant like moon of course they re spirit.
working on egypt and eastern old black magic with azazel with lucifer but u should to know lucifer not his real name
i working with shaytaeil

but know i not using from demons i using from jinns because u do a talsem withdemons this karma really really bad
really bad
i working in totems or ofagh in jafr in raml in talsaem like plant talsem , black magic talsem and …

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Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

What you’re talking about is not Egyptian magick. It’s Arabian magick. Jefr, Talasem etc that’s Ancient/traditional Arabian witchcraft. Not Egyptian.

Please, forgive my ignorance. A lot of what you’re saying doesn’t make sense to me.

May I ask where did you get the name “Shaytaeil” from ?

What do you mean, you don’t work with Demons but you work with Djinn ? Demons are Djinn. According to this tradition.

Talasem is well known here, they’re called “Talismans”. Jifr are called magick “Squares”. So traditional magick/witchcraft, which you call “old magic” is well known, it’s nothing new to be discovered. As far as I know…

Thanks for the intro
If we cross our fingers and wish really hard, the thread fairy will come and merge these in with your intro post @Lady_Eva :slight_smile:

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my friend

magic squares is ofagh or totems
jafr is really amazing u can create new sprits in jafr

but in ofagh we using the number and number power in natural
all of them have they re rules like time like orad or …
actually magic from the 9000 years ago until now
as the same with afew change
but arabian magic or old egyption magic or middle east magic is the same
with small changes in orad lanquages
the kindgarden of magic is middle east and india

for example iran alot of magus jinns living in iran

and u say whrer shaytael

in our raelly really old book from kahen lee Arema
he give us a n orad for shaytael talasem
number of repeat is 45 times


Welcome to BALG, I have edited the title to indicate this is your introduction. Please check out the sites search engine at the upper right dashboard and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You can find the answer and gain much information and insights.