Old love rituals, years later accomplished!

When i had 13 years, i was reading a white arts book,
and it was saying:
If you wants love, throw a glass of water in front of your home, call the Undines,
and ask them: “Bring me the love that comes from the North”

I did it a entire week…then forgot about that!
During this time, it was really just for fun, i was not dreaming about anyone in particular, but at 13 years old, we begin to have the first hormones callings, lol!

Years passed way, and i found my boyfriend…

He would always coming to take me at home, and bring me at his home for weekend…
Due to our work schedules, we where at his home always at night…
Blinded by love, lol, i never saw this detail during 3 months…

Till one day, i saw astounded, that the name of his building was “ONDINES”
in his language, it just means “Undines”

I was out of my mind with that,wow!

The fresh power of my innocence as a teenager has also help me to bring him to me, i did a Soul Mate Reiki , before meet him for the first time,
But i believe now, that those first rituals, have kick in too!

And there are many old rituals to add on here!