Old 220% effort before Goetia?

Opinion on the individual not being lazy, but picking up books, courses and sop on to learn the basics of the power of the mind, the individuals place in society, etc before getting perks from goetic spirits?
My reasoning is they will most likely favor you a bit, if you put in effort before calling on them.
So, Im going to start charting the powers or perks,


Yeah this is kinda what the deities I work with have been pushing me into doing.

Instead of asking them for help all the time, use my own power to get it (once I learn to tap it).

A friend of mine told me it makes spirits respect you more.


They will push you to be a self-sufficient mature individual. Which usually requires putting in effort.


It’s about Becoming A Living God(dess), not relying on spiritual entities.

That stated, please use enns/chants as these call in the spiritual entities you’re after. Let’s them know you’re around.



Ive already started, thanks to app and all other developers of all.
Langauge learning, learningfor the sake of learning and study, trying to be pleasant with those who are or arent, trying to be calm, open and approachable. Etc. Visible and invisible qualities by choice. Now, to go from Joe the Plumber to speaker of the UN would need some extra strings pulled.

some say entities dont like enns and some say they dont mind. don’t know what to believe lol

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Do and know.


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Great points.

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Already seeking second job with goals in clearer sight. Came across an old Builders of the Adytum or Fraternity of the Hidden Light point where you directly involve magic by a clearly stated goal, and like prophecy or smart goals, needs timeframe.
Have loaded apps on phone for language learning, starting to let silly things or unknown things go and getting back into the saddle with Tarot. Going to follow through on card advoce for all readings and see what chaos occurs.


Two books for after you’ve discovered what the cards represent all by yourself and only after that:

The Tarot by Alfred Douglas

Karmic Tarot by William C. Lammey



Thanks Al, will do.

Im thinking still compare the 144 and their benefits, and then for each pair or set of a similar benefit, search out meetup or the like, online courses, etc.
And, still evoke all 144, perhaps not at once, just to see what needs to be taught to me to become a living god.
Still on tarot and journals. Will get 15 journals, one for each area or current.

Lets say youve looked into the warrior classes of goetic spirits, and the benefits they have in regard to war.

Sure, we can look at strategy and military history and read Sun Tzo and Musashi; but without practical use, what is there? Psychic Combat.

A search on “Military training for civilians” will teach you basic training or private courses. Some univesities may still let 50 somethings in ROTC courses. Gun ranges abound these days, and a gun is easy to get. You can parachute, mountain climb, fly a plane, etc.


So, combine that knowledge and experience, and add magic from @Lady_Eva s Tutorial on Tool Free Magick, or your practices for energy/temple push/close pull/open patterns.

Money and time then are the issues?

Or you are an aspiring developer or author or podcaster, and want to conceal your work until done, or conceal evidence, etc. We can then look at a few kings, and other goetic spirits. Or we can google search “How to thoroughly hide work from others” or “how to thouroughly conceal a matter”
Sure, you may get taken to sites explaining check fraud or serial kilers, or money laundering, but you might just find what you need mundanely. Test with a false invention known only to yourself, and test it mundanely.

Time, Money, Effort
Time Space Reality