Okay umm this is strange

There’s something very odd going on …

Okay well i’m getting a strange building of pressure inside my head but it feels like a energetic vaccum.
It keep’s building and building it’s gone beyond critical mass.

My whole face feel’s completely numb, i’m very cold, very cold … My energy seem’s to be calm my mind is completely blank, i tried to find out what it was but i couldn’t enter a trance which has never happened before.

Now i’m shaking but it feels like internal shakes, i even feel cool flames all over my body but they are freezing, freezing cold.

No matter what magick i’m trying to use to look into it, my senses are completely off …

WTF … i even tried scrying and i didn’t see shit … Okay something is happening but what could it be.


Did you raise your Kunda correctly?

Yes over and over


Your third eye is about to open completely bro

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But it already is …

When it goes past critical mass, this world will literally fade away in pixels and you will SEE the third eye about 3-6 ft in front of you. When this happens, do the Ajna meditation

Lol its about to go to another level

Youve been meditating on your Zeal chakra right?
Thats part of what the pressure is


Let me see if i can find the video where ea talks about it, hold on

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But i’ve done that years ago ?

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You have opened a new gate, the chills are coming from there x let your body get used to it.


Skip about halfway towards the end

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And also…
What @Lotuslouvena said lol

I’ve seen it brother, that’s still not it …

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Not sure honestly.

Maybe your energy bodies are going through a restart.

Like their restarting like a computer?

Balance your chakras Connor.

Ah I see…
You’re at a new level.
Broken past previous limitation.
Meditate on the sensations you feel, you just need to adjust.

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It’s kind of like an update.
Like you just updated from Windows 7 to 10.
You just need to familiarize your self with this new you.

Just meditate and really get a feel or grip on this.

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Ok I just tried tapping in…I saw the word ‘feeding’

What could it mean? I just hope you are not under attack or anything?When you posted pictures of your Kunda ritual my first thoughts were, what a nice young man sharing his knowledge with us, and then I also got afraid as that picture gives your ill-wishers a link to feed off you as you are in a vulnerable state there?

I hope I am wrong.I hope you will be OK.

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Just asked Azazel
"You’ve gone past critical mass, over loaded your energy body, rest"

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That moment when you’re waiting for a bro to update on whether he opened hellgates in his head. :confused: