Okay, Recommendations for My Next Book

I was told I need to do some more pathworking if I wish to fully unlock my godhood self and I have an urge to learn some new techniques, so can someone suggest which Koetting book you think would benefit me most.

Have already read Works of Darkness and the Become A Living God book that’s just a basic rundown of materials from some of his previous books combined. Looking for a book with lots of exercises for connecting with the higher self, pathworking exercises that help you practice and expand your magickal skills, maybe something involving some ajna/3rd eye enhancement and black magick in general. I see a few from the catalog list I would like to read next but can’t make up my mind.

Not looking for anything specifically tailored to beginners, looking for something aimed more at advanced and upper level intermediate magicians. I have read the descriptions provided for the books in the ordering section but they are somewhat vague, so I am asking for recommendations as I don’t want to end up choosing a book that is full of newbie exercises. I thought about Evoking Eternity but can anyone tell me, if you are already advanced at evocation are there still some exercises in that book that can help you get even better, or maybe some tips for communication with spirits that you can use to enhance the way you communicate with them, something that would help me continue to build upon my current skills?

I eventually plan on working with some of the spirits that many others have said should not be evoked until you feel you are ready to do so magickally and you are able to speak to spirits who have been known as somewhat difficult to work with, not mean spirits, but those that constantly test you to see if (in their opinion) you’re worthy of working with them. Go ahead and recommend more than one if need be, but I don’t want any books right now that give you nothing but magick you can only use if the need arises, looking for something more hands on and pathworking related with exercises or spells I can do daily or frequently to build upon my current abilities. Thanks!

Questing After Visions. It covers the different types of visions and how to receive revelations from the Eternal. It includes some info on Theta/Gamma and dream work, as well as some meditations.

Since you’re looking for EA Koetting books to peruse,I will add my two cents by advertising the book that left the biggest impression on me.This is a book you seldom hear about,and it is very…autobiographical,in the sense that there is a certain excess of entries and bits and pieces of EA’s personal life.

However,all of these stories tie into occult knowledge,and lessons to be learned.And there are some very useful guides within.The book I am talking about is Ipsissimus.

It speaks of EA’s tutelage under Baba Maharaj,the ascendant master Sunham,it speaks of Astral Projection,and Soul Travel at great lengths.And it completely remolded my own approach to OBEs.

OBEs had fascinated me,as I had had many many very vivid ‘‘walking out of my body’’ experiences as a kid,but as I grew,that began to lessen,until astral projection was as hard as it is to the ordinary dabbler.

Ipsissimus also speaks of ascent as a whole,the antitransmigratory experiene(I did not spell that right),life after death(to a degree),how to work miracles,and on the whole how to strive to embody Ipsissimus.

In this case,Ipsissimus is obviously a reference to the highest degree of Aleister Crowley’s Order of the Silver Star,the OAA(Ordo Astrum Argentum) wherein the position of Ipsissimus is the master.The ideal of the living god that we talk about here.

This book is an incredible one and has a lot of depth to it.It is rather vague,and not as straight forward as his others.And it doesn’t seem like the most useful.At least,to me it didn’t.But I can guarantee that after reading it thrice,and vigorously working through it,I’m not even close to finishing its work and mastering it’s craft.

So I will vouch for Ipsissimus.

DarkestKnight above me suggests Questing After Visions.QAV is good,in the sense that it’s packed with a LOT of information.It can teach you a lot of awesome stuff.Seeing visions,hearing voices,smelling scents.Astral Projection,energizing the astral body,dreamscaping,travelling through tattvas,how to pray and make sure it has effect,the Abramelin operation,how to receive information directly in an incredible manner,how to enter a state of chronolock…and a lot more.

I’m just not recommending it since I know you’ve mastered many of these skills,and I know you may not be interested in quite a couple of the others.I also suggested Ipsissimus because it seems to be what you need.

You seem to need something that guides to a form of generalized ascent,that’s very Kaula-tantra-y.

It does connect you to a higher self.That’s the whole point of embodying the Ipsissimus.It does have a third eye meditation,and the chapter on how to work the miraculous,happens to contain some of the most powerful meditations I’ve used.It does greatly teach you how to expand your magic,and it does teach a LHP approach to mysticism.

On the topic of Evoking Eternity.That’s the first book of EA’s I encountered.Obviously,it’s amazing,as it taught me how to perform evocation.It’s very picturesque.And it teaches you how to evoke spirits,yes.It teaches you how to strenghten your senses.It teaches you what spirits are,and the many divisions,obviously excluding some entities(the fay coming to mind).It teaches you some other stuff,like evoking two spirits at a time,and then four(like the archangels or other watchtowers).It has an angelic pathworking,a demonic pathworking and an elemental pathworking.Which is to say,three lists of spirits to be evoked in that order in order to gain a greater understanding of their systems.It teaches you how to evoke a legion of spirits,how to evoke as the worshiper and servant rather than the magician,and how to transcend things like circles and triangles and such,and evoke with your mind.

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Thank you two for the input. Actually, you both provided suggestions that sound interesting to me. And Arcane, yeah I decided to pass on Evoking Eternity because based on the description I read for it and what you just told me as well, it seems like I would not be happy with it because I get the feeling it is only going to cover things I already know.

Ultimately, once I read all of the more intermediate/advanced books that I think can directly assist me with continuing on my current path, I might do some back tracking at some point out of boredom and purchase some of his more beginner based books. Why? Honestly, because even though I don’t need the training from those books I am really just curious about how he approaches those subjects, what he does differently. I do this on occasion when I am hard up for something to read, but it allows me to gain insight on how other people approach magick from their different paths and systems. It helps me understand magick from multiple points of view which I find, makes it somewhat easier to assist others when need be.

I won’t lie. Several years back, I heard everyone speaking of how much of a fluff bunny the author Silver Ravenwolf was and to avoid her books at all costs so being the type that does not listen to reviews as far (was it a 5 star restaurant? or did the movie suck?) I like to form my own opinions about books too, and all the negative reviews she was getting made me want to read her books even more and find out what exactly it was that made everyone view her so negatively. Honestly, I found nothing wrong with her books, if wiccan RHP based herb, gemstone, garden and faerie magick is what you are really going for.

She doesn’t seem like a fluff bunny to me, she is very knowledgeable in her fields of study. So I reported back to the friends I had on another magick based forum for both RHP witches and LHP magicians and asked them what is the big deal? Why are you so against her? They said, because she talks too much about her own experiences. Really? Isn’t that the point of a book? Not only to teach others but to share your own experiences too so others can understand where you are in your pathworking and what lead you there. So yes, I still read RHP based books on occasion too, no need to limit myself to one track mindedness. And I just take what I like from those books and adapt the spells and meditations to be more suited to my LHP beliefs.

And I can already evoke with my mind and conjure multiple spirits at once, so I think I will skip Evoking Eternity.

You want a killer pathworking, follow what’s in Qabalah, Qliphoth and Goetic Magic by Thomas Karlsson. A pdf might be better, since the book is out of print and everyone seems to think that makes the book worth $5,000,000 now. Supplementary books can be found in Nightside of Eden (buy that one directly from the publisher) and Grimoire of Tiamat. There’s nothing “beginner” about that shit.

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Damn, lol I paid 30 bucks for my copy on Amazon. I concur, there is nothing beginner about any of those works but it’s highly recommended if you’re capable of path working one of the systems Creed mentioned. Other than that I would suggest path-working the Sacerdotium Umbrae Mortis but just like the others it will fuck your world up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Imo, since most of these books are rather difficult to find I would go with the Grimoire of Tiamat and work on getting proficient in lucid dreaming and astral projection. This is probably the only book out of the few mentioned that you’ll find for an affordable price. You can accomplish everything you asked for in your op with this book and then some. All I have to say about this grimoire is that the beings in it are very old and very and I mean VERY aggressive but they will take you further then most of what’s out there imo.

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Not sure about what books to advise as I have little respect for many of them. I find some books are a good source of reference however but not a great vehicle to teach. Now I’m going to tell you something here and please don’t think I’m crazy but if you like a challenge and you are well past the beginner stage (ie…Have strong belief, proficient at mindfulness, killer strategies that work period) then please read on.

There’s only two ways you can learn in this world, either from other people or internally, which can amount to spiritual contact. I prefer the later as it agrees with my maverick approach and to be honest with you, I can trust spiritual guidance more than the crap that comes out of certain people’s mouths.

I love to evoke spirits and I also like making up Egregores. Now you probably know that these manufactured spirits have a personality and set of skills, which have all been installed through the magician and hence, this gives them the ability to act the way they do, but have you ever considered using an existing character who has the traits you want?

Now this is where it gets interesting…Pick a character from a movie that you really like and evoke him/her to teach you. I love ‘Star Wars’ myself (got the whole friggin collection lol) and if there was ever a character that could teach you about how to use cosmic energy and advanced magical skills then Yoda is the one!

The interest in star wars over the years has produced alot of significant energy towards it and people just love it even right to this very day. This alone has placed huge amounts of juice on it already, which means you could take this accumulated energy along with a well established character and have him as one of your personal spirits, which is a bit like a ‘familiar’ I suppose?

Yoda is an advanced being of the highest order of ‘Yedi-Knights’ Can you imagine what he could teach you about magic? So if you want my opinion than use the force

PS…I am as mad as a hatter but don’t tell anybody as its better than being normal

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The Book of the Witch Moon by Michael Ford is a good read. Also I want to recommend this book to anyone who’s interested in astral/etheric travel, shapeshifting and vampirism because it’s really helped me over the years and I think it will really help you if you’re stuck on one or all of these topics. Most systems out there who cover these practices usually leave the seeker in the dark, allowing them to be satisfied with the “placebo effect” or mental masturbation without providing the seeker with any real or beholdable results. The individual is usually left questioning themselves if this is real or asking themselves if this is something going on in my head without being truly satisfied because they haven’t experienced what it’s like to feel completely separated from the pain-body in these illusory journeys. This book drew that unseen line between what is illusory and what is real for me when it comes to these predatory practices. That line is discovered when you can actually feel what it’s like to be free from the limitations of the pain-body and drink the astral blood of your victims as a wolf or whatever form you choose to be. This is why I recommend this book and if you choose to purchase it I hope it brings you the success that it’s brought me.

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  1. If you can get hold of the pdf’s of the books by Mark Alan Smith of his pathworking with Hecate (Queen of Hell, Altar of Sacrifice etc). If that doesn’t blow your socks off I don’t know what will! His site is www.primalcraft.com.

  2. Try www.quareia.com - this is Josephine McCarthy/Frater Achad site which has/will be publishing free of charge their magical school work. I rate Jospehine’s work quite highly and she has published some good books(imho). Read the apprentice section and see what you think. The first 2 modules of the initiate section have also been uploaded.

These are all great suggestions. As for the Koetting book though, I still cannot decide between Questing After Visions or Ipsissimus. I am only going to buy one of his books right now and when I get paid again I will be buying the other one that I do not buy today, and maybe some of others from this list if I can find them for starters, and find them cheap.

I have been looking online for some more detailed descriptions of Questing and Ipsissimus. I found one site that had rather lengthy descriptions from a person who had the actual printed hardcover versions (well they had the softcover version of QAV) and they had a rather larger E.A. collection but when I got to their section on QAV and Ipsissimus those descriptions were just as brief as the ones in the shopping section of this website. Arcane gave some very good details on these two books but I just wanted to know if anyone else can add to his details? I want to make absolutely certain I pick the right one for me right now since I can only buy one tonight.

My mind keeps saying QAV seems fun but something keeps drawing me to Ipsissimus even more, then my rational mind says no it says it’s a biography mainly so you’ll probably just be reading about E.A.'s life and be disappointed when you find little to no exercises in this book. So still not sure. Egh!!!

Ipsissimus details EA’S quest to leave the flesh and talks about his training with his Master at an Astral temple, as well as his experiences with Raj who taught him the Blue Flame Meditation, which the book details. It also gives descriptions of his experience with Sat Nam on the formative plane and gives the AH meditation… it’s main focus is on Soul Travel and how EA learned not to transcend the flesh but embody the Eternal within the man from. It also talks about his time completely blissed out and his struggle to return to the world.

Questing After Visions covers more basic things like the TGS, and basic Astral travel through the Tattvas and provides a meditation and Chakra balancing exercise.

Go with Ipsissimus.

You can still get hardcover versions for E.E. and Ipsissimus. I got mine through Hastings a couple years ago but you can still find these titles through other retailers and ebay for like 30 bucks.

Hello.I hope you haven’t made any official statements,lest these posts become obsolete.Again,I said Ipsissimus is my favorite EA Koetting book,it revolutionized my methods,and my worldview.

It’s the most vague EA Koetting book,the most uncharacteristic of him,etc. but it’s priceless IMO. In the next few posts,I’ll give you an overview of it,and QAV.See you then.


Just what it sounds like.A well-written explanation on his fascination with Soul Travel,all in metaphor.

Part 1:Fastening the Wings

Chapter 1:Feathers to Fly
This first chapter is very auto biographical.It speaks of EA’s childhood traumas,his adoption,his dive into the occult,his life in Las Vegas,and of course,how he met Master Sunham.There’s some very good wise words from Sunham.

He also says how Sunham sent him a teacher in the flesh,Baba Maharaj.

Besides this,it emphasizes the necessity of internal transformation and explains several yoga postures(I’m not kidding here),that have helped me.THis super basic yoga,when combined with a spiritual element,can alter things massively.

Finally,it gives the Blue Flame Meditation,a meditation that seems very useful,but that I’d never do.It makes a point,on self control and discipline.

Chapter 2:The Immutable Wax

This chapter basically speaks of the benefits of daily meditation,how meditation looks like,how the Blue Flame Meditation can benefit you,and of course,the nature of serenity as a whole,as well as the Formative Plane and stuff.

Chapter 3:The Silver Harness

This chapter talks about astral projection and soul travel.EA’s first attempts and how they miserably failed,the nature of the rapture state.It talks about the objectivity of astral projection,and how that may be fixed,and it also gets into the role of the living imagination.

Part II:Taking FLight.

Chapter 4:The First Tier

It gives an overview of EA’s understanding of cosmology,all the different planes and stuff.It teaches basic astral projection,or at least,how to access a TGS deep enough for Soul Travel,and it talks about EA’s experiences with the Necronomicon gates,as well as meeting some occultists at his high school.

Chapter 5:The Second Tier

This is the chapter that helped ME,get past the Astral Plane,and onto the Causal and Mental.It explains not only what’s up there,but also how one thinks when they are up there.It explains the whole non attachment thing,but vaguely.

Chapter 6:The Third Tier

This chapter talks about the Formative Plane,the Abyss,and the Dark Night of the Soul.And then it dabbles into that whole ‘‘all is an illusion’’ Maya crap.And also gives some sound advice on what to do in ascent,like not seek out for objective truths which don’t work for you,in place of subjective truths that do.

Part III:Convergence

Chapter 7:Commanding Convergence

Here he goes into miracle working,and actually doing stuff with all this limitless power we have.He explains several Bija mantras,and lays out several meditations to empower you,and help you do the seemingly miraculous.He emphasizes that even though you’re not feeding thousands with a loaf of bread and some fish(which Jesus did),fixing imperfect jewels(which the Count of St Germain did),or turning sand into fruit(which Baba Maharaj supposedly did),you’re still capable of miracles.

Chapter 8:Omnipotence

This chapter goes into his LDS days,when receiving the Melchizedek priesthood,which led him to do extraordinary things.He emphasizes that in between all that dogma that he learned,he also learned a bit on the true nature of what it means to have will and power,and how to use it.

He also mentions how he escaped prison at some point,with magic,by simply willing it so,and how true,omnipotent power can come to us when we are in complete desperation.

Chapter 9:Omniprsence

Here EA talks about how you can possess objects,basically become them,.How to become a table,a pen,a jar,etc. and how you can split,and become several objects.Until you split,and become everything.

It explores the concept of limitlessness,and continues the stuff with Master Sunham.

Chapter 10:Omniscience

This chapter tells one how to reach the House of Akashic Records,and how to use it’s content.It also explains that while a great deal can be learned in this way that it is not omniscience,as the time needed to digest all information would be far greater than a human lifespan,and how omniscience is knowing everything at once.

Chapter 11:A Light Shinning In Darkness

So this chapter explores the gravity of the Dark Night of the Soul,and pushing past the Formative Plane,and past Sat Nam,to Source.It talks about the addictive nature of Soul Travel at this point,and how to cope with being a manly god,and a godly man at once.

Chapter 12:The Inevitable Fall

This explores not just the Dark Night of the Soul,but the crisises that come after enlightenment and all that Jazz.

Chapter 13:The Anti-Transmigratory Experience

You’re not trying to migrate from this plane upwards,you’re trying to take limitless power and bring it back down.This chapter discusses the afterlife,and the essence of Soul Travel as well as the Vamachara and Kaulcahara paths.

Add to all of these things a heck of a lot of personal experiences,and you have a good book,that I loved.

Questing After Visions:Making Conscious Contact

Part I:The Nature of Visions

A detailed explanation on EA’s obsession with visions and seeing through the other side.

Chapter 1:The Vision Within

Explaining the nature of visions,and how to receive visions internally,like fantasies.

Chapter 2:External VIsions

Exactly what it sounds like.How visions funnel from the mind into the physical senses.And also,how the harder we try to disprove them,the more real they become.

Chapter 3:Degrees of Revelation

This chapter explores more on what visions are and how they are achieved.It also emphasizes what makes up an external vision,more than just the visual part,also the clairaudient part,the smells,and the moving feeling of the rapture.

Part II

Chapter 4:Dreamscape of Prophecy

Dreamscaping.First,remembering dreams.Then,controlling them.Then,entering other people’s dreams.And then,contacting spirit guides through dreams.

Chapter 5:Entering the World Within

Theta Gamma Sync 101.How it can be accessed,what it is,and more.

Chapter 6:Scrying Eyes

Scrying mirrors,crystal balls,the stuff you already know.Along with a small explanation on the Obsidian Tabernacle,which seems like an interesting experiment to try out at some point.

Chapter 7:Bodies of Spirits

Chakras,and how to open and energize them,how they work and such.It also tells you how to astral project,and how to get comfortable doing it.

Chapter 8:Crossing the Threshold

Now that you can astral project,he’s teaching you about tattvas and other methods of entering other worlds on the Astral Plane.

Part III:Stimulating the Sight*

Chapter 9:Coercing the vision

Flying ointments,datura,and visions stimulated by drugs.

Chapter 10:Forcing the Vision

Using LSDs,DMTs,and other really heavy,addictive drugs in order to access altered states of consciousness and visions(and how LSDs are not useful,but can prove interesting)

Part IV:The Prophet’s Mantle

Chapter 11:The Knowledge and Converation

The Abramelin Operation as well as EA’s personal experiences with it.It also notes the black magicians who do this holy information,and then take it’s power,and turn to evil altogether as Brothers of the Black Cloth.

Chapter 12:Fury of Faith

How to pray,to any deity and get results.How to move the world through another entity’s power,instantly.It also speaks of EA’s LDS experiences,as well as some interesting experiments,a secret society in the LDS church,and such.

Chapter 13:Pure Vision

What happens when visions are taken to their highest level.Talking to spirits,in raw thoughts,and impressions no words required.Existing outside of time.Merging with the Godself.

*I have a lot of qualms with drugs.I loathe them,as I know that drug trafficking is an evil industry that exploits dependability and weaknesses of the mortal lot in order to acquire money for the opportunistic and it sickens me.

Note that only one brief chapter is about illegal drugs.However,even the flying ointments are to be made with caution since herbs that are used include things like henbane and hemlock which are poisonous.But you’re an herbologist so I’m not worried.

Thank you arcane this was very helpful. I held off on my purchase as I was hoping someone would come along and explain things a little better, which you did. I needed to do some specific things for my ascension that the spirits have been urging me to do lately so that’s why I wanted to know which of these two books would be most helpful as of right now. Thanks again!

You’re welcome!If there’s anything else you need to understand them(like my own personal experiences in using them,or the introductions and prefaces,or whatever),just say the word.

The Sefer Yeroch Ruachot. There’s an unread copy of it that’s under 100 bucks on ebay right now.

I really enjoyed this book and to be honest with you it’s one of my prized possessions. I think you should check it out or at least look into getting it. This is the cheapest you’ll ever find this book.

I ended up purchasing Eric’s QAV book the other day and have been reading thru that. I realize that book is more beginner/intermediate but I have found that Eric sometimes explains thing differently than I would, so when I read some of his more novice books I do so in hopes that I will stumble upon something I may not have thought about before. I have read a handful of his books so far and I plan to read them all regardless of what skill level they are aimed at, because many times upon reading his version of things I have already learned how to do, I will discover little tips or tricks that he mentions that I never thought of before and by utilizing his tips into my practices, I have found that some of them have nearly doubled my skill level or current abilities.

Like if I’m good at something but as good as I want to be, oddly enough, I always end up reading one of his books shortly after desiring to strengthen that skill, like the spirits heard my call and lead me to that book knowing I would find something useful in there and I end up discovering a simple meditation or scrying exercise that seems so easy but ends up making a huge difference for me. Sometimes, he explains things in a way that I can better understand than how other authors have explained it, so I plan to read every one of his books, even those which seem too beginner level.

QAV does seem, so far, to be very beginner-ish but I am forcing myself to read it anyway because something kept telling me to buy that one. Not sure why yet, but the spirits have never steered me in the wrong direction when I am seeking methods and advice so I’m guessing my spirit guides must think that something I need to hear or do is within that book. And I was also hoping there would be some useful tips to strengthen my visions or that I would become more aware of my non-mundane surroundings and maybe end up having a new type of vision that I have never experienced before.

I do want to get some of these other books besides Eric’s but most of them are pretty up there in price. While saving to build my house, my mom is on strict guard and is watching me like a hawk when it comes to my finances because she knows, if no one is watching me, I am likely to slip and go on and unnecessary and unintentional spending spree especially during times like this when I saving back all of my money and have not been allowing myself any extra treats just for fun each month, eventually I crave something I want for myself like a nice dinner out, a new sketchbook, some new markers, etc. and I can’t hold back anymore and end up spending too much at one time. So I told my mom to remain on my ass while I am building this house and to not let me have access to large amounts of my money or I will never get my house built in a timely manner.

So currently, the amount of allowance I am giving myself so that I can still buy something I want on occasion to avoid having an impulsive over spending spree, is not much and I am only allowing myself enough extra cash to buy one book per month which has to be $30 or less because I only allow myself to have $120 a month in “me time” money.

This is a very mature outlook. Over my lifetime, I’ve been told, more than once, to revisit the basics. This has always been applied to mundane things, but it holds true in every aspect of life. Going back can often remind you about things you’ve forgotten, or didn’t think were important. Getting someone’s perspective that you haven’t gotten before can also bring on “ah ha!” moments.

As far as being able to acquire books, maybe some simple sigil magick with an intent of “I have a copy of such and such book”? It’s free, takes little time, and is the type of magick I’ve had the most success with.