Okay PROVE it's not an Imposter / Parasite!

More and more often, the only advice I am getting is, it’s an imposter/parasite.
That’s not the real such and such being.

I challenge the forum to come up with ways to know if it’s the real deal or not.
Not including the 1-2 possession technique, or servitors based on MLP.


I think there are such threads in the forum dealing with this exact topic.


Challenge accepted and delivered



This is pretty rude, just saying :woman_shrugging:t3: perhaps you could invent and contribute your own methods in this thread as well, while you’re both asking other people to do work/information gathering for you and simultaneously disparaging the information and work that’s been made freely available by others on the forum.


If you don’t know how to detect parasites on your own then you shouldn’t work with spirits :woman_facepalming:

Not sure if you intended to come off like this but if you’re implying Luna can’t help you detect parasites then you’re surely very ignorant.

The way you worded this entire post made it sound like you’re trying to get people to prove themselves in other ways because the method they use you deemed invalid when it clearly works for them and many others on this forum. Almost sounds as if you are unsure of things yourself therefore you are trying to bring others down with you, maybe I interpreted wrong though. :woman_shrugging:


And how are we supposed to do this without knowing what you’re talking about?


A servitor based on MLP still does a better job :man_shrugging:

However the way I do it is scanning and projection since thoughtform parasites can’t leave the astral/mental and real parasites and energy won’t match what and who I’m looking for.


Someone suggested his lilith is a parasite due to his succubus vs harlot thread I believe


Ah, that gives some context. I appreciate it. If she doesn’t come in in a similar fullness to a human or Goetic, it’s probably a parasite. I hope the difference is known.

Thanks, Velenos.


To be fair, it’s a very effective servitor.


There are TONS of threads on this that give you tutorials on how to do it yourself.


If it asks for your soul or blood of a family member you are dealing with an imposter or parasite.

If it doesnt leave when you say to, it is either a parasite or an imposter. Most entities will leave when you say so, as they respond to kindness and have things of their own to do.

If the spirit says something like “im the most powerful spirit that has existed” then it is most likely an imposter or parasite.

Go by those and you should be set. Also feel out the spirit. Does it make you sick and anxious, prollh not a good sign (but could be you are sensitive to energy)


But…does it work for you…?? That’s the only thing you should ask yourself.
If it does…great you are among the ones that works for them.
If it doesn’t…oh wel, you’re among the ones that doesn’t work for them so find another servitor/way or even make one yourself.
That’s how magic works, kiddo. There’s not one universal way and something that works for you might not work for others.
Judging the servitor and it’s usefulness based on its appearance is, at least, low.


That was a typo I meant to say 3 I swear. But I’ll look into it in a bit.

I went to bed, being all like, oh I shouldn’t have said that.
How based on mlp are we talking though? MLP is actually occult stuff that does some pretty perverted magick with hidden symbols. I maybe being too paranoid, but I have seen what it does to the bronnies.
Maybe I shouldn’t have made this post, I don’t know how to sugar that. But even with that how do you know you are actually detecting imposters and or not being mazed in some other way?

The core energy doesn’t change, imposters can only mimic the external parts, thougthtform imposters feel empty and feed off attention and mental energy. Living being parasites feed off your spiritual energy in any way, shape, or form, but they will not feel the same as the actual entity you’re looking for.


Well I do think thought forms is more what we should be doing.

I am wondering if this other method would work for me though.
I get a long well with Hecate but been having a falling out with Azazel.

Here is the easiest why a imposter or parasite’s mask will fall off. Ask questions compared what you see, hear feel right what other says. The real ones will also have some kind of them that is the same with every own though all experiences are different. A parasite like a human lair will change their story and lost track of their promised and lies.


Oh I forgot to add challenge them the real deal will jot get angry but explain and teach you and parasite/imposter will get angry start trying to harm or threaten you.


This is the most truth I have seen in a long time. What works for me may not work for 1,000,000 people. Then it could work for 50 or just me. I love how you stated this :grin: