Ok this is stupid

I have a fruit fly infestation that keeps preventing me from getting into a trance, the damn things fly to my face and into my mouth. I tried the bowl of vinegar and soap trap and it worked, but the moment I get rid of three flies four others appear out of nowhere. If I didn’t know any better, I would say that an external force is sabotaging me but who knows. It’s more likely that it’s just a fruit fly infestation though.
How do I work under these circumstances?

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Can you try anywhere else my friend? That sounds troublesome for sure.

Can you try anywhere else my friend?

Afraid not

I only can think of Beelzebub, lord of flies tp solve this problem.

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I thought about Beelzebub but then I wondered if he himself identified as the lord of the flies or if it was only a title that the bible gave him.

if i’m not mistaken it’s literally what his name means

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Yes you’re absolutely right, thanks.

Incense. I have had problems in the past of a similar nature and certain types of incense lit 15 or 20 minutes before has chased the bugs away. (Mosquitoes were my issue). Perhaps incense can, quite literally, cleanse an area… if only by chasing away the flying distractions.


Critronella incense helps to clear away insects


Yes on this note,

Wash your ritual space in Florida water. It not only cleanses and recharges the energy of a space but keeps the buggos away.


Same problem and solution in Hawaii.I

OP, have you tried covering your face with a dark shirt or something, so you don’t feel them?


I hear that pouring bleach down the drain helps.

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The association came from a deity known as Ba’al Zebûb, who was a god of Ekron often called upon to heal the sick. They symbolized sickness with flies, so he considered the one to banish the “flies” or the illness. Later on it was used as an insult to basically mean that he was a lord of nothing in comparison to the Judeo Christian god.


Peppermint essential oil or any citrus essential oils helps! I like to use the oil burner instead of the humidifier! The smell can be strong so don’t use too much if animals are around!


Tried it but found it very uncomfortable. It’s time to try all the tips in this topic with the hope that one of them eventually works. Thanks everyone.


Get some bagon and spray it in your house

The Lord of all that flies.



If the flys are inside your house and you have potted plants definitely check the soil in the plants. There’s a type of fly that looks a lot like a fruit fly but they are called fungus gnats, they love wet soil and a lot of times people get a explosion of them in there house when they over water there plants.
There’s this spray called Pure Citrus, it’s concentrated citrus oil and both fruit flys and fungus gnats hate the stuff. Spray it in a room and open the windows and they will see themselves out.
Also beer and a little bit of dish soap also works good for killing flys, wasps, and gnats as well.

Buy mosquito netting that you can put around you, We did this in the countryside visiting family in NE Thailand. You can find it at camping stores possibly.

find out source of fly and destroy them. can’t be hard. it’s only your home which don’t take up much space. you eating flies. lol free protein!!
good face mask helps. not the disposable ones that make hard to breathe…