Ok I keep hearing voices 😭

So for a few days to weeks with out furfur being around for sometime now now I’m hearing random voices while in a half sleep state… I dreamt of being in my house that we moved from calling out to a woman
I asked if she needed help she replied
Yes yes yes yes yes…
At first I didn’t recognize the voice but once I felt the vibrations and cold wind extremely cold wind it was bune I have no clue what it was she needed or why she reached out but yeah…
Now I’ve been seeing a guy oddly missed place in dreams to just watching waiting silently liming I don’t think I’ve spoke to him before tho

And last night once again half sleep hearing a voice little girls voice…
She said oh wow some one is hear finally let’s play I want to play with you I was in some kind of house that wasn’t mine
I replied I have no time I need to get back school starts for the kids soon and she replied OK!!:hugs: come back soon…I didn’t see her face or feel a huge pressure the energy was kind of playful her voice extremely cheerful
It’s just weird to me cause I have no clue about anything anymore they never really reach out or hover so yeah it’s Abit our of place

Banish first, IMO, if this is helpful you can speak to them on your own terms when it suits you.

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It’s just weird

I hear voices too. Mostly when I get in bed and prepare to sleep. If I banish before going to sleep they are much quieter, or dissappear almost completely.
They are very different and usually chat with each other. It’s very weird indeed.
Once, the voices predicted some things for me, one of them being me discovering the occult.


Probably the spirits that were already in the house when you moved. It’s going to be very active at first until they get used to you.

A child though I had a child spirit in the last one …it was full of negitive vibes but she seemed so excited and happy so she can’t be that bad you know

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I hear voices when I’m falling asleep. I’ve been hearing them since I was a child. Is it bothering you??

No it’s just weird they don’t bother me and now I’m wondering why cause it’s random I actually like the fact that they are reaching out now cause they haven’t been before