Oh Oh Oh it´s Magic...you know... (A reflexion about Magic)

Hello my fellow Witches and Warlocks,

I´m glad to inform you that I finally decided to make my first Topic. I had a lot of possible ideas (and at the moment I will express them), but the first thing I wanted to share with you is something I realized the other day.

I think something everyone in this forum has experienced is the feeling of doubt, especially when you are new to the craft. The feeling you get when you think “Is really just lightning some candles and meditate going to change my reality?” There are a lot of theories and models about how magic words, but I don´t want to deep in those themes.

I´m in College, and as part of my studies I must do advanced organic chemistry practices. While in the lab I was watching how my reaction was happening. In a round flask I was mixing and warming the chemicals. It was a translucent liquid and after the procedure it was still a translucent liquid. Even though I watched it carefully, the creation of the new substance wasn´t something evident, and I wasn´t even sure it worked. With analysis of my product I could confirm it worked.

While I was waiting for the reaction to be completed I thought that even thought I cannot sense the dynamics process of the reaction, it happened. I understand the chemistry behind it, but at the end of the day it is just a model, an approximation to reality, and the truth is that what really happens it´s a mystery.

And then it hit me, it is like magic. At the moment of the ritual you may say the incantations, you may visualize or meditate, you may hear and see the spirits, but at the end we cannot sense the deep effect this has over the existence. It may look like it does not have an effect or shouldn´t, but it does. But it is so subtle, so soft and natural, it seems static. It is not always so, it may be more evident or even explosive, but in general it is subtle.

What I try to say is that, even though you cannot see something happening, believe me, it´s happening. You may not see the process, but you will see the result. So don´t doubt just because you can´t sense it, experiment it yourself, play with it. What you do is having an effect.

With all that said, have a good evening and remember knowledge corrupts you, so read a lot and be evil.

Best regards,

Glenn the Ghoul

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