Oh man, here I am

Greetings friends.

Not sure what to say exactly but I’m real interested in understanding if I’m going crazy or everything is legit.

I’ll post my story soon, would really appreciate input.

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a proper introduction as you haven’t actually provided any information whatsoever.

What is your magical experience? How long have you been practicing? What type of magick are you into? What brought you to this forum?

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You’re right, My bad.
I’m new to the terms LHP/RHP, however apparently been doing stuff for some time now that seems to be magic.

Thought I was into angels, turns out the other side is more interesting.

I’m still learning how to navigate through here but just made a thread at the “spirit/evocation”-section

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No problem. :slight_smile:

LHP and RHP are more philosophy than anything. You can use angels for black magick just as much as you can use demons. We have many here, such as myself, who work with both types of beings so don’t feel like you have to choose. There is no “other” side.


Good thing I’m here.
I thought it was one vs the other, duality etc.

Also watched vids on youtube of people claiming alot of mixed stuff, don’t know what to believe anymore.

I’ve read some where that though angels and demons don’t mind each other and can even work together, they’re not like overprotective of the magician. E.g. “he’s in the RHP, don’t tempt him”-kind of church logic.

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Most definitely not. However, like all spirits, your expectations will go a long way towards how an angel or a demon interacts with you. If you are a religious person, then they will tailor themselves to that point of view and pay lip service to whatever deity you think they take orders from such as Yahweh or Jehovah. In actuality they are far older than any particular religion.

An angel will wipe out your enemies just as willingly as a demon will. An angel’s purpose is similar to that of demons ie. they are concerned with the ascendancy of the human into the Divine. The only real difference is in their methods. Angels tend to work from the top down, harnessing Divine and cosmic energies, while demons tend to work from the bottom up, using more physical and elemental energies. Both can get you to the same place though.

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I can’t really tell the difference between angels and demons anymore.
A lot of Demons have an EL ,IEL, AL, IL ,ect at the end of there names and most at one time were worshipped as angels.

Maybe I need to do an actual ritual to find out.
Mostly I just read about these things because the whole topic fascinated me.

So far I like Uriel, Raziel, and Raphael alongside Beliel, Baal and Decarbria.