Ogun ogun

Anyone here work with this powerhouse?For anyone who has been beaten and broken left to wither away turned to ashes I recommend making contact with Him.The strength he will bestow upon you will beyond your imagination.You will break your shackles and stand with your feet steadfast in hell and head held high above the heaven stars
Osin Imole

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I don’t get the point here…what is “Ogun ogun”?

Are you referring to Ilaka-aye Ọṣin Imọlẹ? Olomi nile fi ẹjẹ wẹ, o laṣọ nile fi imọkimọ bora!

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The primordial African God of fire/blacksmithing Ogun?



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What don’t you get lol.i just wrote his name twice since you can’t post as a title idk less character s or something

images images

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You have met him

That is a question

Yes, apparently there are people here who have.


Well you did not have to refer me anywhere I can type search and see but my intention was not that but to seek anyone “interested” enough to share there personal experiences.Also you could easily ignore

Oh I see. Posting the name twice got me confused.

It would be nice if it’s Ogun - God Of Iron.
All the way, it’s cool.



You asked a question, and I answered it with the search results. Yes, people have worked with Ogun. I’m not in the least bit bothered by this, I don’t feel the need to ignore anything or anyone right now & refuse to go back and forth with someone that is clearly upset over a post on this fine day.

You take care though & feel free to ignore me :bouquet:


Ancestral deity and did something for me recently.


I met him yesterday. Lots of warrior energy. Was petty intimidated because I bleed often and am developing a relationship with Shango however they told me there are no problems between them. I might work with him someday. His store is relatable too.

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