Often dream of this place

Last night i dreamed of a desert (but a cold desert ?) , it’s always dawn if i look at the sky i can see the stars but also the planets (who are pretty close, sometimes they are on the ground as if they had landed here ) in the horizon i can see where the sun is (but it’s dawn so it’s just a light in the horizon) this place feel heavy like if there was a big presure in the atmosphere.

Any of you ever saw this place ? Everytime i’m here i recive the visit of an entity or hear an advice (this time it was "follow Venus to find your purpose and follow Pluto to find your inner strenght)

I have dreamed of a similar place, but with my dreams the sand glows witha yellow light and the sky is a dimly lit navy blue. When I go there there is an entity sitting in the sand draped in robes the same color as the sand and hooded so his face is completely in shadow. He’s very wise and give solid advice.

I don’t know if it’s the same place you go, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

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Always thought it was Lucifer who lived in this place