Official intro

Hi there guys. Because I am fond of esotericism and internet communities, I decided to join your community since you are a reasonable one and I’ve seen much esoteric stuff on the web that is not my piece of cake. Technically speaking I implement devices from all kinds of New Age, not only demons, also Eastern stuff, just NOT judeochristian things. But I don’t know any good New Age community and i like Goetia and demonology so I thought I’d join you. Please write something here :slight_smile: I am 26, been practising the occult for 7-8 years for now.

By the way, do we have an offtopic subforum?

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What is your main practice?

There is no such thing as an “off topic subforum” here, but General Discussion would probably be the closest.

My main practice is from “Middle hand path”, so to say lol, and it’s concept-less meditation, derived from Buddhism or Taoism. A meta-practice, also reminds me of chaos magic.

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Nice to meet you, and best of luck on your journey here, lots of great info and things to take away into your own practice.