Offerings to Lucifuge- new moon at nightfall?

As I contemplate a pact with Lucifuge Rofacle- I am torn when to present my end of pact and it’s offerings- my “gut” (? or perhaps more then my gut) is leaning towards dusk at each new moon for next 3-4 months. My reasoning is if Lucifuge is he who flees the light and the an offering at nightfall of the darkest phase of the moon seems most appropriate. That is my forethought- wasn’t an arbitrary decision-perhaps inspired (?) but am looking for thoughts/insight nonetheless.

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One other thing- is it a little to much to ask for what’s the word- it escapes me- not control but to have his subordinates hear me out- having some trouble getting results out of one of his- then again I don’t wanna piss said subordinate off " like hey man what the hell you went whining to my boss?!" You know what I mean.

I would try talking directly to the subordinate first. I know I wouldn’t be very happy if I was having a problem with someone and instead of coming to me they ran off to tell my Daddy. If that fails though you may be left with few options but to do just that. As for the offering, go with what your intuition is telling you.

Mine often wakes me up in the middle of the night with answers to questions. Last night I wondered why the spirit I was attempting to contact didn’t seem to like my offerings. I woke up later having a conversation with myself about gruyere or jarlsberg cheese. I took that to mean the spirit wanted fancy cheese.

That’s kinda what I thought. I’ve just been having trouble getting through to this particular and his attributes are quite useful to situation at hand

Getting through like making contact? Or like reaching an understanding?