Offerings to Asmodeus and Lilith

Hello everyone

I just wanted to know what offerings people normally give to Lilith and Asmodeus other than blood and sexual libations. I have read the books but I just wanted to know what edibles, incense, drinks etc people normally use from their experience



i dont know about Asmodeus
but for
Lilith i can say - chocolate , white rose or any flowers
or you can write her a poem

Red wine for Asmodeus, and chocolate for Lilith, try it

With Lilith Dragons blood always seems to be the preferred incense when I ask. I’ve had success with rose incense as well.

Funnily enough, I got some white rose sachets from dollar tree for the home and I kinda feel like her influence was involved. Lol

When I’ve gotten flowers there’s usually been a pull towards lilies.

I’ve offered coffee in the past, usually black but at times with just a little bit of sugar (as that’s what was preferable according to what I was feeling).

Dark chocolate, buying a nice candle from somewhere using my intuition to grab the right one.

I’ve made food offerings like a slice of cheesecake. One time I was compelled to buy an apple which I cut in half and smeared some honey on with some drops of wine.

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To be clear, you are strictly speaking about what Lilith likes, correct?

I’ve offered very ripe plums to Lilith before. She also enjoyed myrrh oil, which I put inside of a seashell. I think of her when I see grapefruits and orchids, and anything that feels sensual to eat due to how juicy they are, so fruits seem to be a favorite.

It varies, though, from person to person.


That would be correct.

Oh! I’ve also gotten that! Pulls toward orchid

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Just making sure some of it wasn’t for Asmodeus, cause I came here to get ideas for his altar I’m going to be putting together. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Orchids look very alive to me, and is one of those flowers that looks like the vulva, so I think of female sexuality, which is probably why I associate it and feel a pull there.

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I’ve offered Lilith blood, wine, chocolate, Lilies as that’s her flower. As for Asmodeus, I’ve offered him spices or something that has spices in it like spicy chocolate, whiskey or bourbon, and of course blood. Along with dragon blood incense for both.

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Going off of this, Im getting the sense that He would enjoy drinks like mulled wine and chai.

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Through some research and a few workings with Asmodeus, I found that He particularly enjoyed when I would engage in an activity that I was passionate about, and dedicate that feeling of passion to Him. He is known as a being of Lust, but I consider Him more as one of passion.

What makes you feel passionate? Explore this and see if you can dedicate that to Him. I had success with that.

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I have done alot of artwork offerings to Lady Lilith. Every now and then I’ll do something else, but artwork or other related crafts seems to be it. Of course now I don’t even really call them offerings, it’s just something I do - for varying reasons.

Oooh🤔 does dedication mean giving the thing your passionate about to him or just time?

I suppose it could be a physical object as well. I actually did a particularly difficult strength-focused yoga session and focused entirely on my passion for yoga throughout the session. I dedicated the yoga session to Asmodeus, for Him to experience that feeling of pure passion through me.

I have worked with his Aeshma aspect before, and I would dedicate my pain through intense exercise to Him while focusing on my ideal self. My pain was the offering, and He helped me achieve this transformation.

So that is where I got the idea to dedicate a yoga session to Him while focusing on my passion and love for it. He seems to love the intensity of these sorts of offerings.

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I’ve given her some chocolate as its normally given to her as a nice gift. Some red, white and purple roses in the mix, carefully placed so each color could stand out. With drinks I’ve given her some wine along with coffee mix with honey instead of using sugar, the same with my tea offerings. I do love my honey! Had a couple of Jasmine candles that I used as a similar incense of smell that I still frequently use.

I haven’t really worked with Lilith, but when I work with King Asmoday, I always offer him mint chocolate chip ice cream, peppermint candy or peppermint oil.


Yup,pepermint oil,mint tee for Asmodeus.Lilith likes red wine the most,honey,cinnamon,pomegranate,jasmine and white sage.

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