Offerings to Amdusias?

Hey guys/gals! Hope you are all having a great day/night!
So i’ve been thinking about working with Amdusias today to help me along with my musical endeavors, it was super interesting because I was doing some reading on here looking for info about him and I found lots, but nothing to do with offerings that Amdusias specifically likes. I read his enn that someone posted here and before I could even go to recite it with actual intent of calling upon Amdusias, a car “horn” sounded at the exact moment I thought to do it! LOL talk about signs (I’ve not heard a single car horn alll morning until that moment, I also heard lots of birds chirping for the first time in weeks this morning which is cool because birds are Amdusias’ animal, which makes me think he was calling to me before I realized). ANYWAYS, my question to you brilliant folks whom have been very helpful in the past, is, do any of you happen to know of specific offerings that Amdusias likes? So far all I have came up with is that I am going to go buy a light blue candle because his color that he likes is apparently light blue.

Thank you in advance for your time/advice/info/help and responses. I wish you all incredible strength and power towards your magickal and mundane endeavors. One love fam <3


He overall enjoys more savory than sweet things. Music of course, sing his enn kind of thing. Red wine is basically appreciated by every spirit I’ve ever met. Most also really enjoy when you make them a meal.

Awesome, thank you very much! I hope you have a great day/night!

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