Offerings for Beleth

So , as I might have said before, Beleth made himself known to me when I had never heard of him before (as I had never explored the Goetia previously). My first evocation went spectacularly well, with received images and messages, and the magick that I asked for, while it has not yet come to pass, I was told it would be a slow process and I can already see signs of the results coming. He then appeared in my dreams. Two more evocations, that I did not receive such clear images, the first time actually being really angry due to an unrelated matter so I can’t say that my senses were clear, but I promised to evoke at a specific time and I kept my word; the third evocation I had to resort to the Tarot to receive information, as the images came so fast and were hard to grab hold of. I rather see that this lies with me rather than the demonic king himself, but he keeps telling me - patience, patience. All things in their time.

Like I said, I can see signs of results approaching. So, I want to treat Beleth as way of thanks. From my way of looking at things, Beleth has become part of my household, he is my guest and I want to do something nice for him. Just like (but totally not like) when I and a friend shared a flat with a being who turned out to be a brownie. (Started as a boggart, native to the North West of England, but we cheered him up!) Now, I already give Beleth wine, but is there anything else he would like? He has not chosen to tell me, at this point in our relationship he is not making any demands except to work solely with him, but I really want to do something nice for him.
Any suggestions? I know this has been discussed before - BEST offerings and but there was no information there. Blood? Chocolate? Flowers? A clock?

Actually, a clock sounds good. But please, share your experiences with Beleth and your thoughts.

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Make him something personal. A poem, a story, a drawing, just make it from the heart.

We can’t tell you what to give a spirit. We can only offer advice based on our own experiences, but a personal offering like art carries more weight than anything else.


Thanks for that. A piece of art had not even occurred to me. I’m not the most arty of folks.


You’re welcome.

The art doesn’t have to be of museum quality. It just has to be worthy of your best effort. Only then does it have significance. You might only be able to draw a stick figure, but if you spend hours on that stick figure and pour your heart into it, then it is just as potent as a classic painting for an offering.

It is the effort and the appreciation for the spirit in question put into the work that matters.

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