Offerings / blót

Very excited! Bought myself a home brew kit, and now have 40 litres bubbling away! (20 beer 20 cider… and yes i do go over the top with these things)
So im planning to use some as offerings in my work and i figure i can (as i get the hang of it) add magical ingredients for specific rites!) My thouht also is this should add “value” to the gift/offering of alcohol, and as a side bonus- yay free alcohol!

I asked for Freya’s blessing on my endeavour & this morning it’s all happily bubbling away!


I like Kombuchas…I wonder how those are brewed


Thats easy! Its cold tea and a “SCOBY” (a soldy mass of bacteria) … you can buy scobys on line - get a living one not a freeze dried one… a nice sterile jar with a lid, your cold tea, pop your scoby in then after a day or so you have your kombucha… drain liquid repaet. The scoby lasts “firever”


Doesnt take long to make it. I usually buy the cases of them premade, but this should be fun.

Actually listing says a week to brew, but its a liter at a time! Let me know how you get on