Offering to the Land Wights

For those looking for some educational material on the path of the Vitki here is a small little ritual that is very easy to complete and essential to your repertoire on this pathworking. Working with local land spirits is key in pathworking my system and with such an easy way to do it the impact is great.


The idea of breaking bread with the spirits was my first thought when I watched it.

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If you share a connection with the spirit where you have partially invoked them you can share your senses with them. I have done this with my ancestors in particular many times.


Bingo :wink: that is exactly it

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In my experience for the offerings especially for animal sacrafices the offering is made to the spirit then you consume it albiet ciggerettes wine food that way there is no waste. It is in an article explaining the rites of animal sacrafice on e.a’s website