Offering to Buné

hello to all, in what form and how much time I can offer (days) to bune and how is the procedure to withdraw it, I thank you can illustrate with your experience

from now thanks

@Lady_Eva can you help me?

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Hello! Please You can take a look on a search function above there’s a lot of information about him, good luck.

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Write your petion ask her what you want and what is it for ,and tell what your going to do for her in return ,open your heart chant her enn ,u till you feel her energy her energy is very sooting and warm,she loves chocolate pudding good luvk ,ohh forgot open her sigil drop a couple of blood drops ,and offer her some rum ,she very responsive if you open your heart to her and sh3 can bring you alot of opportunitys,in your line of work and bring wealth and take your business to another level


I know the search function, for that reason I am directly making the request regarding bune and not as offering in general, I appreciate your intention to help, but I think that sometimes we are not relevant just to say “there is the search engine”

Sorry, that is not how it works. If it is so easy contact a demon just by chanting his Enn why would someone study ceremonial magick?

You should evoke Bune and command him to do your will, of course, in a respectful way. If he doesn’t speak intelligibly with you, the operation didn’t work. If he has done the job right you can offer him something but it is not a obligation for you.

Maybe yes or maybe not, but there is more then 50 threads about him people sharing there experince, offering, methods about him, nothing cost to make some effort.:slight_smile:

Buné likes green or gold candles.

Days, I just do whatever day I intend or need to do the ritual.

If you mean close the ritual, just state “I thank you for attending my call, depart in peace.” Or something of that nature.

If you open a sigil, use the closing (counter-clockwise) gesture described here: Tutorial : Tool-Free Magick Using Your Hands

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