Offering our time to entities

Generally do entities we work with appreciate if we simply offer our time to them even if they dont ask for it? You know…just having their Seal there, lighting incense and candle, and just being there sitting and offering about an hour of our time to them in silence.

Have some of you done it and found them to like and appreciate it? They’re all different so I may understand if some consider it being kinda lazy but I don’t know. Any experiences?



Listening to music while thinking about my preferred spirit and my guardians makes me feel better everyday, it’s something I do sometimes and I’m completely serene for a while… I guess I have to do it more often and not just when I feel like it !


I do it with just about every commute. I sing to some of those I’m closer to. I invite some others in to hear music. I’ve also worked on small, wood working projects that nobody in their right mind would buy, but I did them by hand, out of devotion/respect/thankfulness.

The other day, I brought out a couple of pieces of raw tourmaline and I was calling upon Madame Pele to please “bless” them and imbue them with her energy for a friend. I got out a diabetic lancet to pay for the offering and was told to stop. Why? Because I sing to her. She appreciated my time.


Yeah! They really appreciate dedication. Not even worship, just showing that you really appreciate the help you give them even if you’re not doing any fancy offerings. Meditating with them or just on their teachings is something I’ve had a lot of luck with.


Honestly, deities really appreciate us taking time out to just hang with them. I play music to honor mine and they seem to like it. Helps me invoke them too.

It’s not lazy. I’ve been told it’s better to do smaller rituals or honorings more frequently than a long boring one and half ass it. Keep in mind, Odin told me this.