Offering in a pact

What i should offer to a demon in a pact and in what moment i mus writte the pact?

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Ask the demon and work it out.

It depends on who the demon is first of all. Some demons are perfectly fine with you pre-writing the pact and telling them I will give you this if you will give me this. Some don’t care either way, they are happy to perform the tasks so they don’t care if they don’t get to choose what they want become some are happy with just teaching you new things and happy that you are willing to listen.

Others however, you need to ask them. If you cannot hear them speak to you, seek other ways to find out. Ask the demon to tell you in a dream, thru meditation, by showing you repeated signs. You will know when the answer comes, you will feel it in your gut intuition. If you tried to set the rules of the entire pact without letting the demon have his say in what he wants, some will become downright pissed and everything you wanted well, you will find yourself getting just the opposite! I have known people who did this, tried to set all the terms for the pact because they didn’t know you could hear demons with enough practice and training, they thought they were supposed to just offer what they wanted to offer and in return they would get what they wanted.

This person, a guy I met one time at college, he had a somewhat low sperm count and was trying to get his wife pregnant and he also wanted to lose 30 lbs. thinking since he was slightly chubby that losing a few pounds may help his health and his sperm in the end. He did that to one of the higher up demons and well, he suddenly went from low sperm count to being as sterile as a wet un-used baby wipe and he gained 30 lbs. plus and extra 41 lbs. on top of that. For future reference, it was Belial that he pissed off.

So you’ll have to find out. It may be something as simple as wine, fruits, public promotion, a painting of them, but they all want something different. There is no one special item you can offer that will make them all happy.


First, be sure the spirit wants to even work with you from the get go. You don’t want to make a pact with a spirit that is not interested in helping you out. Generally, I recommend giving an agreeable spirit a “test job” something small and measurable like providing funds or helping work out a mundane task before deciding to formalize a pact.

Usually, when I first contact a spirit for work or out of curiosity I greet the spirit with a small offering: either some tobacco smoke, a small amount of liquor, or just a glass of water. I work through a quick divination what the spirit would like as a payment for job well done.

If the spirit completes the task in a timely manner I formally evoke it and give it a payment. From that point I offer a formal pact to the spirit. If the spirit agrees to the pact I provide an offering of food and I have the spirit swear upon it’s seal to come whenever I call for whatever purpose I desire. If I should call the spirit for something outside of the pact I agree upon terms of the work before I send off the spirit. It’s very important not to create a debt with these beings, in other words: If they don’t voice that they want something for the work does not mean that they don’t expect a form of payment.


Maintaining pacts with spirits and paying them for their work is what gives you power in the spiritual realm. It is a practices I have followed for years and this past year I have had spirits of various pantheons come to me looking for work. I inquired into the phenomena with my head spirit to which he replied, “Fulfilled promises is the only currency we truly accept and you currency is gold.”


I agree with Granchemin.

Just because spirits do not possess physical bodies on their plane of existence and they don’t have the need to build cities with shopping malls, doctor offices, cars etc. you cannot expect any of them to work for free or else they are no longer your guardian or your helper, they are now your slave and spirits are just like us in that aspect, they do not want to be anybody’s bitch or slave.

We would not expect a doctor to work on us for free as that is his job, his way of earning a living. May be slightly different with spirits but even though they do not possess currency like money, they still expect to be paid for their services.

Like Granchemin said, just because they do not ask for something right now, doesn’t mean they won’t later. There have been times when a spirit did not ask me for anything but since they were helpful so many times before, I went ahead and made them a devotional offering in the mean time, like a drawing of them to share online with others, or a song about them. Just as it’s okay to evoke a spirit just to have a conversation with them and no other reason, if you feel the spirit is helpful it’s also okay to make them a devotional offering for no reason at all to show your appreciation for their help, just don’t get in a habit of doing that every time as some spirits will become greedy and will expect something from you every time they speak with you even if they are not assigned a task.


And if you find a spirit has helped you several times and still has not asked for anything, you may want to consider evoking them and just saying, here is a gift I made for you. They could be testing you by not asking for anything, testing for greed. Because a greedy magician would just keep taking the free help and think well they never ask for anything so they must not want anything, but a smart magician that knows it may be a test and those who are really greatful, will take it upon themselves to offer the spirit something anyway as en expression of gratitude. Some will test you like this because they do not wish to work with the magician that just takes and takes and never gives in return.


This. I’ve had many seasoned magicians come to me because they say they are no longer able to evoke or their luck suddenly turned really bad. Usually, it is revealed that there are spirits that feel that the magician owes them something for the work that they have done. Spirits expect you to know these rules and very few will actually teach you.

Hi guys, i asked him i he said the most wird thing taht i expect…he wants wine, fruit Juice and chocolate milk, anyway i offered too another thing and he accept it. I must clarify that it is not a Pact if but a reaffirmation of a Covenant already made with a demon, just wanted to reaffirm it and offer him some things more