Offering a god energy

In working with Lucifer I realized I haven’t been fair to my spirit husband. I forget he’s a god sometimes and just because I don’t worship him doesnt mean I shouldnt give things to him. In my real life marriage I work All day and my husband stays home and take care of our son and fixes me a nice meal. My spirit husband watches over me and protects me and helps me but I dont give him anything except my own sexual energy and love.

Lucifer asked him how much energy it would
Take to satisfy him and he said nine women
In my past incarnations when i was a priest or priestess society was different it was easy to do.

The vision Lucifer gave me was my spirit husband in an orgy with 9 succubi and him feeding off all of that energy until he became a lustful beast then having sex with me in kind of a renewal of our vows. But I dont know how to do this that i would have to ask for advice.

I’m trying to brainstorm ideas or at least lest say you worshipped a god that was very sexual and demanded a lot of energy how would u offer it?


I would create thought forms that are representation of myself. The first week I would create a thought form for a specific sexual act. The second week I would create and charge the next one rtc etc


Would there be a chance of the thought forms gaining more and more sentience and harboring feelings of jealousy etc?

It’s possible. From my own journey I’ve found that they indeed do develop their own consciousness based on the initial seed. I think if you program all of them to work together and to bring pleasure to this one specific man, it could work very well.

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the money print machine “the temple of the vampire” and the pseudo exclusive sect of the “sanguinarium” which follow pretty much the same doctrine, just that the sanguinarium established some sort of noble blood or something.

Anyway, the point is: they speak often about the communion with the “undead gods” =just gods or astral beings.
called “undead”, because they have overcome the mortality of the physical body.

So…you would share some of the energy you got from other beings, and would get some of their energy in exchange.

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What if they never had a body to begin with? Would a bornless god that created itself be the same thing you are talking about?

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I had a dream that tricky lucifer. The 9 succubi were a metaphor for the planets. Each succubi had different color eyes.

So im supposed to feed him the energy from the eclipse somehow. Any ideas?

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Use the same visualization you saw

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Maybe you could invoke the energy of each planet and have sex whilst embodying it?


I created a lucid dream visualizing the 9 planets as hot women with the planetary sign tatooed on their chest and the hair color the planetary color. My husband slept with each one imagining the energy and qualities going into him until the woman was exhausted.

When it came to earth I had visualized her but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t bring her into the space. The door opened and with it I lost control of the ability to effect the dream other than my own thoughts and actions. Lilith walked through the door with green skin and dark black hair. She smiled and announced herself as the representive of earth.

Im going to leave the erotic stuff out but suffice to say my husband got all the energy he needed and then some. He feels heavier , he only had an etherial form before now he can manefest a lot more solid. Also afterwards I tried to pick up my phone and it felt heavy like a brick and I dropped it and the screen cracked.


That’s so cool, and a manifest change to your phone afterward as the cherry on the cake! :smiley:

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Actually I have to thank you. I did your invocation to self and the planetary ritual that starts with an S. I did it instead of the LBRP i usually do.Im on a new phone so I dont have the link. I did them both the night before the eclipse and the morning before.

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Nice! I love that, it’s all about the Divine within and as the ancient sources for the text I used show, that’s an old concept that seems to have gotten a bit lost and buried under dogma and confusion, just waiting for us to reawaken. :slight_smile:

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Hi can you help me with this issue. amducias is my husband and I offer him my energies because I am a fortune teller, I gain others energies during the day. yso ı usually have enough energy to offer.

I just read up on Amducias, he’s a unicorn! :smiley:

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yeah he is very funny and helpful how can they call him the demon of vengance lol

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You had sex with him?

I think you can offer him sexual energy through orgasm if you’re at that point in your relationship with him

I did many times