Offer to trade readings

Is someone willing to have me read for them, then they read for me in turn?


Yes sure I use tarot cards to read if that’s ok with you I’m willing too


Awesome. !

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When would you like to start. Could I have your sun, rising and moon sign and your hair and eye color? Your first name would also help channel you.


Anyone else up for a reading? I’m still looking for readers to read for/to.

Please :blush:

Ok. PM me your first name, eye and hair color. Your sign, and if you know it, your rising sign

All for it if you’re still looking. I’m very new at this but I’m looking to get as much practice as I can

Ok. Can I have your hair and Eye color and your sign?


Me too me too :slight_smile: i practice everyday longdistance reading ahah

Me too pls ^^


I’d love a reading. I’ll try and return the favor however I can.

Everyone who requested a reading, I’m going to need your eye color, hair color, and sign to channel you

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ZCould u plz read me … my sign scorpio … Eyes hazel… Hair dark brown

Yes please if you are still doing so.

Eyes gray,
hair light brown with gray,
I’m a Capricorn.

you still doing this?

Hey everyone. Due to certain happenings that are going on in my life right now, on my last reading, I was picking up my own energy. I read for someone else, but do not believe that although I was pulling for that person, that the reading was actually for that person. I’m pulling myself. Because of that, until such time as this passes, I do not believe I will be any good for readings right now. I will notify you as the energy returns to a balance. Those of you ZI have done reading s for already, please return the favor by doing one for me. Thank you.