Offer for a demon

How do you actually make an offer for a demon? Where do you put things? On his seal? I don’t have an altar and I don’t know how to make an offer.

Usually, if making physical offerings, you would place them on an altar, but you can also just set them aside on a shelf or a table and tell the spirit they are for them. I don’t have an altar either, and in the handful of times I have given offerings, that’s what I have done.

However, instead of physical offerings, there is also the option of offering the experience of something. Spirits don’t have physical senses like we do, so they enjoy the chance to taste the physical world through us. It’s a relatively simple matter to bite into a juicy apple, or take a mouthful of sweet wine, and allow the demon to savour it with you.

And don’t worry, such an offering is not possession.


Blood and booze never go amiss.

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Oh very cool to know thanks. I usually did it that way. Turned on the cigarette and said: This is dear being for you It depends on what this being likes.

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From my experience when I worked with Bune and King Paimon. I didn’t had a altar setup. I just found a space in an open cupboard that’s empty with nothing in it and place their individual sigil inside the cupboard. I the proceed to place their offering on top of their sigil and say loudly that this offering is for them and nobody else to enjoy. Then i’d shut the cupboard and not open it until the next day to throw whatever it is away.

Hope that helped :slight_smile:

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