Offensive thoughts about spirits. How to get rid?

I constantly experience negative and offensive thoughts about gods and spirits. This prevents me from building a benevolent relationship with the spirit. How can I solve this problem?


I suffer from OCD and I constantly get a lot of intrusive thoughts like you that make it hard for me to communicate or even meditate at times.
I found it easier that I told them straight up I suffer from OCD and intrusive thoughts and those thoughts did not represent what I really think and feel. They were very understanding and supportive. Eventually the thoughts subsided, sometimes it comes back but only if I was nervous prior.
I also asked them to be loud and clear to me when communicating so it was easier for me to distinguish between my bad thoughts vs their actual communication.
If you noticed, your intrusive thoughts often target the things and beings you care about. It shows how much you deeply care about the Spirits you want to work with.


Thank you, I wish you to delete OCD from your core once and forever. I will say about my problem to spirit as you did. I hope they will not be mad at me and accept me with my current state of mind. Anyway we should work everyday to kill this fear and trash within us. Meditation is also very hard for me. But I had succes in it and succes in overcoming these thoughts.

Goddes I worked with told me “You don’t need to think, look around, seek for punishment. It goes just how it goes. Move forward, let stream of life take you where it goes”
That helps me a lot.


Surprisingly I think I have something that might help you.
Something that even I had success with.

You can build an imaginary psychic black hole inside your mind programmed to suck in all the intrusive or unwanted thoughts before they can enter your conscious awareness.

Just imagine this black hole doing it’s job knowing that it exists and is doing exactly what you are imagining it is.

Set the intention that even when you are not consciously imagining it or thinking about it, that psychic black hole is always still there doing it’s job.

At least this is something that has been working fantastically for me and I can barely do anything with Magick yet.


Self hypnosis?

I also had a problem with it, it was caused by parasites. Cleaning and understanding the situation helped me.


Try to not pay attention to these thoughts
It is hard cuz you wont as i to say anything bad in words.
The thing is to not pay attention such as in meditation.
First try to not flow with these toughts and then start to meditate.

As someone else with issues related to ocd and intrusive thoughts, I believe they know to a certain extent that these thoughts aren’t actual representations of the way you view them. They can discern that sort of mental babble apart from your genuine intent. These are intelligent beings.

I also use a whiteboard technique. I picture these thoughts on a white board and I “erase” them over and over until they sort of just stop entering my mind. It’s a good visualization technique that has been helping me lately.

I also suggest some form of therapy that specializes in these kinds of thoughts (different therapy styles tackle different issues). While I think magick is great, sometimes you need a little extra help from mundane sources, and I think it can enhance your spirituality immensely to work through these things with a professional.

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This I believe 100%. I’ve had issues with this recently. It has been bothering me because I know myself well enough to know it isn’t my thoughts. It is implanted thoughts by either a parasite or entity of some sort. OCD in many case is not actually a you problem. It can very often be caused by some sort of infection of the mind via external spirits.

V.K Jehannum has a rite to rid the practitioner of parasites. I am going to look for it now. I will post it when I find it.


I found the rite by vk. It’s a part of his patreon though. I don’t think he’d like me posting paid content on here for free. But its $13 CAD if you want to sign up. If you feel you have parasites or even OCD it would be worth it to give the rite a try. I’m going to do it today.


Where can i find ? Can you link me pls ?

@BlissfulFusion you can PM @Shaytan if you like.

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