Odysee Features E.A. In Newest Blog Post "Odysee's Weird Hour"

Good Evening,

The generous, freethinking people at Odysee have featured the new E.A. Koetting channel and Become A Living God in their newest blog post, Odysee’s Weird Hour.

Thank you to Odysee for respecting magick and helping to ignite human ascent, instead of hating and censoring it. To see the post and discover new channels, please click the link above.

While E.A. and I have known Odysee only a couple weeks now, you can see why he and I agreed to open a channel there. You will recall that Odysee voluntarily reached out to replatform E.A. They truly do believe in their values, apparently.

Lastly, please subscribe to the new channel, and you can watch the newest video below right now, Ignite Your Powers Of Spirit Communication With Fire Scrying.

See you on the live chat at 2:00 PM-ET Wednesday.

Link: Odysee's Weird Hour