Odhinn and The Trial of Masculinity

Here’s a pretty cool experience. When reading bear in mind that Odhinn can be a trickster. So anyhow, lately I’ve been trying to figure out what masculinity really is and what it means to me in particular. I had some time off this evening so I went to the mountains. The hike is pretty intense and I climb around these tall cliffs. There are multiple cliffs. I climbed to the top of a plateau behind the cliffs and chose my usual spot. I began to meditate and asked Thor about masculinity. His answer was brief and he seemed dodgy. Suddenly a crow flew over my head and I knew who had my answers. I followed the crow and he landed on a cliff on the distance. I have tried to climb this cliff before but I couldn’t. Not safely at least. I ran as close as I could to it but I could only touch it. This was where I had my answers. I had to climb that cliff. I go to the base and look for hand holds or an easy way to climb it safely. I couldn’t find a way. I began to climb back up to the plateau and as I neared the top I heard Odin’s voice. “How much are you willing to sacrifice for this knowledge?” As I grasped for my next hand hold, my left hand grabbed a cactus and my hand was filled. I cried out in pain and hoisted myself up. I sat on the ledge and picked needles from my hand. I spotted a ravine. I decided to give it a shot. With my hand still throbbing and stinging, I walked up the ravine and found a path to the cliff. I jumped onto the cliff and meditated and my question was answered. But you could say I was already learning my lesson. I faced one more challenge. I couldn’t get back the way I got onto the cliff. The rocks weren’t angled right and I would probably break my legs or worse if I landed on the ground. I began to panic but reminded myself to stay determined an use my head and intuition. I turned to the left and found a safe way to lower myself onto the plateau that lies behind the cliffs. I did and it was surprisingly easy. As I walked back to my car I noticed one last synchronicity, a dusty hand print on my car and I know for a fact that no one but me was up there.


Beautiful! :smiley:



Really?, interesting thank you for sharing this with us.