Ode to the black sun and Invocation of Azazel

this is my first attempt, and probably won’t be the last one I post on here… I want to create an actual song to sing in the rising of the black sun meditation, and something a bit more imaginative for Azazel…

Black sun!
Devourer of a thousand stars
May your rise to glory lead to my ascent
Gateway to Universe B
Open the way to the Abyss so that I may tread the crooked path
Black hole!
Entropy manifest
may your reign of sorrow be eternal

I am the abyss made manifest
I am power made flesh
I am the guide and I am the gate
I am the way of damnation
I am the road to Ascent
I am the key to the Forbidden
I am the Forger of Souls
I am the King of Hell
I am Azazel

I have plenty of knowledge and inspiration for Azazel but very little of the black sun… any ideas for appearances in literature? also describe how you feel or think about the black sun? It’s hard for me to have an emotional feeling about the black sun as my emotions aren’t as active as they should be, unless I literally meditate for over an hour like I did yesterday but I don’t think zen and deep seated empathy really count as emotions…

Thomas Karlsson gives a nice review of the Black Sun/Thagiron in Qaballah Qliphoth and Goetic Magick ( I hate to keep plugging that book but its awesome and still fresh on my mind.) Peraonally I found the black sun to be confrontational in a way, pushing ideas upon me and making me really look at things and how they relate to our preconceived notions about life and morality in general. I didn’t really get a strong emotional response from the black sun but more of a cold analytical detachment. I’m usually not very emotional either so take it for what it’s worth.

I got that vibe too due to the first dream I had from the meditation… I mean I have(or had) nightmares frequently in the past, but this one was more about revealing a personal trait… It wasn’t scary so much as revealing… apparently the only thing that is scary about facing death is the prospect of not leaving behind a legacy…

but after reading koettings letter I thought that the experience should have been, I don’t know, more negative… I’ll have to re-read that book again… do you know if DR have any books on alchemy in english?

Nice one Icarus, if you can make it rhyme it’d be perfect for me as a chant or mantram. In literature yo have Vrilya the coming race, wich talks about a race wich employs the force of Vril just like we use electricity to make literally miracles wich make’em almost like gods. You also have Enter Vrilya wich mentions the Black Sun from Therion and Black Sun from Therion too, the vrilya one is just… fantastic youll love it

In the sphinx of imagination Hypnotica mentions a blackhole in the cave of chaos guided meditation this could be considered a meditation upon the Black Sun?

I’m not sure if DR has any books on alchemy in English if so I’ll be getting them along with their other works.

My first dream after the black sun exercise really fucked with me, deep down I knew the answers that I was scared to ask or have to face the reality of. I thought that was going to set the tone so to speak of the rest of the exercises but that dream was the most profound one I had. I had a lot of visions and information come to me during the meditations but nothing that slapped me in the face like that first dream.

When I changed the meditation to where I held the black sun and embraced its power a lot of the negative and uneasy feelings I had vanished. I’ve always been more analytical and cynical than emotional so I think the black sun and my personality meshed well.

Icarus you may want to check out Liber Nigri Solis, its a grimoire detailing the alchemical and astrological significance of the Black Sun and is written from a Sinister perspective.


this… I need it… I don’t care if I have to shake down homeless people for money, I’m going to get my hands on a copy

this… I need it… I don’t care if I have to shake down homeless people for money, I’m going to get my hands on a copy[/quote]

you might also check out this review


I saw that this morning… I still may get a copy, as I am developing a growing interest in the black sun and it’s uses… and honestly it can’t be that much worse than reading through grants works.

I gave the ode to the black sun another shot last night and it went horribly horribly wrong… I’m probably going to abandon this one and try something else… I need to do some research on forms of poetry

Black Sun
Who shines the brightest at the height of violence
rip the cosmos apart till all that’s left is silence
Peel the skin back and expose all the flaws
This way I could fulfill the whole of the law
Thagirion, the beast that only devours
The beast I’ll ride to the final hour

that’s all I could tolerate before abandoning the poem… the AABB style is way overdone

while treading ground in the bay of pirates I found a small gym(not occult related), a 2D sidescroller for vista with the name black sun


Holy shit I just found a beautiful text… this isn’t magickal based but it is based on psychology and internal alchemy…


I think I finally have it…

The sun is black with medusa’s gaze
corrupting all who look upon it.
your soul will be barren and scorched,
so that new life can take root.

Sol Niger is the judge without remorse,
discarding all that does not measure up.
your vices, your shames, your baggage laid bare
nothing will escape it’s discerning eye.

if you’re not careful, if you’re not smart,
if you’re not strong, if you’re not worthy,
if you’re not ready, if you have not the will,
You too will be cast aside.

If you are all of those things and more,
then nigredo will yield abundant fruit,
all life grows from death,
Solve et coagula.

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