Ode to Freya:

I don’t know why but yesterday I felt the need to write a prayer/poem for Freya. I did so this morning and felt the need to share it. Honest opinions are welcome.

Golden hair glistens in the Sun
Then I see a face who’s beauty can be compared to none
Adorned in feathers
Weilding sword and spear
I praise you Queen of the Valkyries
Lady of the rose and wolfsbane
Sweet like strawberries and fierce like the blade
Vanadis stand with me!!

**I immediately felt her energy and a gold light surrounded me.


This is really sweet! Ive never worked with Freya or other Norse gods, how did she feel?

do you feel a motherly love when you work with her?

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She feels warm and loving. She’s a very fierce warrior and even has domain over the dead but she’s always appeared to me with love.

Yes it’s motherly but she can be flirty too. She’s a big pillar of support for me.

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awkward bro, for me its either one or the other, I would feel so uneasy if my mother Kali started being flirty with me, lol, it would feel so wrong, but I think Lilith might like me that way

For me, I just see it as something straight outta mythology lol


Straight Outta Compton?

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