"Ode & Aggadah to Leviathan"

“Ode to Leviathan”

Crafted on the fifth day, by Adonai.
That primordial serpent.
Tortuous in the abysmal sea.
I travel within one of the immense bubbles emitted from the sea boiling jaws of Leviathan.
Traveling alongside us, Jehovah, the “Kilbit,” (a parasitic worm deadly to its Piscine hosts.)
As Leviathan fears the Kilbit, so does the Kilbit fear me.
'Tis the end of days.
Yahweh, comes to slay the serpent of the deep.
With the death of Leviathan, Elohim has promised to flay the serpent and feed him to the righteous.
Nay, I think not.
With the “Spear of Destiny,” I pierce the gill of the holy Kilbit, Christ.

“Ode to Leviathan”

O “Hell-Mouth” might I enter you?
Lo, Geheena.
Lo, a tortuous prince of the Abyss, lay upon his throne in the west.
Thine scales reflect the envy of those fallen victim to the sin.
Dost thou enjoy consuming the damned?
Converting we man’s soul demonicly through thine intestines.
Thine womb whence they are reborn as Divs.
And so, man is dubbed unholy.
Dubbed God.

“Unholy Aggadah”
“The Deep”

And so that illuminating “Holy Spirit” swayed over the face of the “Deep”.
Against the currents we sail.
I flee my duty as the Lord’s prophet.
A great storm is brewing.
Lights shone.
Not from above, but from below.
'Twas not the “Lord Almighty,” but–
The slant serpent, and the tortuous serpent.
For 'tis written: "Their eyes shone like the morning.

''Twould seem Adonai grows angry with me.
He’s sent the storm to persuade me to turn back and obtain the repentance of the folk that dwell within Nineveh.
Nay, I shan’t.
And so the storm howled and thrashed us.
There they swim about.
As if with caution.
The Leviathan.
Masculine and feminine.
The Lord’s wrath has thrown us overboard.
In retaliation to Yahweh’s anger those serpent’s offer compassion.
And thus we were consumed.

“Unholy Aggadah”
“Sacreligious Scorn”

I, in the belly of he,
Whilst Hanoj in the belly of she.
I gaze in awe at the great hall within.
Six columns stand tall.
Ancient Hebrew engraved upon them.
קָדוֹשׁ רוּח :Upon the third column read
“Holy Spirit”.
“O Hanoj, why hast thine father smote thee?”
“I shall give thee comfort.”
O, how gracious you are Leviathan.
Damn, Adonai.
Damn, the “Holy Ghost”.
And with those very words, Hanoj was surely damned.
קָדוֹשׁ רוּח The engraving upon the third column
Began to wither away.
From the sky she was plucked and destroyed.
That gracious Leviathan.
And the “heathen” Hanoj–

Matthew: Chapter twelve, Verse thirty-two:

“And whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him: but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost, it shall not be forgiven him, neither in this world, neither in the world to come.”

“Unholy Aggadah”
“The Mourning Serpent”

Hanoj, the adversary.
And she, the Leviathan.
Sink to the depths of the Abyss.
Whilst Jonah, the Lords prophet lay in the belly of he, the Leviathan.
Throughout the “deep” lo, the roars of the slant serpent could be heard and feared.
For his beloved was taken.
And so three days had past since then.
Jonah, distraught, was brought to shore.
From whence he succumb to the Lord’s command, and travelled to Nineveh.
The great Leviathan lay in the “Deep,” mourning his beloved.

“Ode to the tortous serpent”

Lo, the vast aquatic Devil.
He, that swallow the holy whale whole.
Lo, the illuminating eye’s of the rising sun.
He, whom is true to his nature.
Lo, each of his scales bear a great sinful deed.
He, whom is the great chaos.
Lo, the evil inhaled and exhaled through his immense gills.
He, whom pious sailors should fear.
Lo, his teeth of dread.
He, whom even Metatron fears.
Lo, the power felt when evoking him.
He, whom offers grand strength.
Lo, his grand magick.
He, whom bulldozes that which might oppose you.
He, the slant serpent.
Lo, the tortous serpent.

“The origins of the Leviathan.”
The inspiration for these Odes and Aggadahs:

“Baba Bartha,” Seventy-four PartB, Verse eighteen and nineteen:

“All that the Holy One, blessed be ‘He,’ created in his world, he created male and female. Likewise, Leviathan the ‘Slant Serpent,’ and Leviathan the ‘Tortuous serpent,’ he created male and female; and had they mated with one another they would have destroyed the whole world.”
“What then, did the ‘Holy One,’ blessed be ‘He,’ do? He castrated the male and slain the female preserving her in salt for the ‘righteous’ in the world to come; for 'tis written: And he will slay the serpent that dwells in the sea.”

Image of Leviathan in the fresco The Last Judgment; painted by Giacomo Rossignolo, c. 1555