Odds of annihilating someone

So someone has been sniffed out as a person out to cause me trouble or harm.
Out of thirty death curses hurled at once, what are the odds of one or more succeeding, when you don’t know who it is?


Your better off just creating a protection talisman and wearing it! that way there energy is directed back at them by the talisman guardian.


If you don’t know who it is, how were they sniffed out?

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Someone else sniffed someone out that has I’ll will toward me. So better them than me.

So…they didn’t tell you who?

Nope. But wording it for any who seek to do me harm, physical or otherwise. So if there are thirty hurled at once, seems one should hit. At least one closest in some way.

Either that, or the person drops it and disassociates their intent.

I will need at least 150 candles … Shit.

I doubt if you don’t know who it is… and even still your gonna hit people not intended for it…

Just sending out 30 curses and no direct target is just gonna make a mess.

I say increase your shielding …or find out who it is.

Other wise those curses are gonna land every where.


Well … That’s the problem. I’ve sensed it for a while. Its a male with a two syllable name that wants to cause me harm or trouble.

I would ask the spirits to find the individual and say something like " you know who my worst enemy is throw this curae at them and reveal them to me

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Throw a solid two to three curses
Your gonna need a Link like hair or something…
if ya can’t, be smart (example)
You just need their energy on something.

For example lay some sand or grass or just something on the ground
and let em walk over it.

(there ya got em)

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The problem with that is he doesn’t know who it is…so he can’t get hair


I would need to be able to precisely sense them. Someone has been blocking me since late afternoon.

Push through it and see who it is

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I still can’t. Was warding and grounding all day as well before during and after.

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Then re enforce your shielding so they can’t get through

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The closest I can get is something that looks like Chewbacca.

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Aww… I don’t think it’s chewbacca :slight_smile:

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Its been near impossible to sense anyone since late afternoon. An egg around me with roots in the ground, mirrored the outside, white light surrounding me, a wall of fire and still nada. Invoked Mars forces, did pentagrams with Saturn drawn in them,
Nada. I guess I will work on it until I fall asleep, and pick it back up when I get up. If no change, then cursing it’ll have to be. Never realized the astral plane was asshole central.