Odd Question on Mechanics of Astral/Mind Attacks

If I were to have sexual thoughts toward another forum member, is that perceived by them as an astral attack?
I’m not referring to their ideas of societal sex and gender concern, or even personal boundaries, just the thoughtform (innocently enough), perceived on its own as an astral attack by them?

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Only one way to find out, lol

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Its why I’m asking, In a sheepish way…or taxicab confession way.

Could vary by person, but pretty sure it falls under what your intent is.

Consensual, unprovoked mind farts, or rape in a manner of speaking all has different affects.

  1. I hope you pay your taxi drivers well if thats the kind of confessions you give.

  2. If that was the case everyone would be under attack by everyone else all the time, so unless something is making it an attack or you’re trying to use it as one, no.

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That’s … “rape” … is exactly what I’m not referring to, I’m referring to the simple thoughtforms created by someone jacking off or having a fantasy.
Remove all thought of feminist bullcrap, and just think of the point itself, the thoughtform potentially created by thinking of someone in a sexual manner.
If this is the case that such an “early warning system” is triggered in the other person, then people need to redefine as a societal whole as to what constitutes an "astral attack’ … Cause sweets, you’re never going to have people not think about you in that way, nor have people cease to stroke the one eyed monster.

Hey relax, I clearly stated it depends on your intent.

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I know … Just saying that people expect others not to be human, hence MGTOW.

Interesting question, but I suspect that these are simply too unfocused to have any real power. Otherwise every teenage male would have hot celebrities swarming all over them. :joy:


I would think that unless you are connecting to them in the astral plane, it would not be perceived as such. Not all thoughts are automatically astral in nature. A regular thought is a thought, sending out an energetic form is entirely different @Fuego1.

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Damn … Stormy Daniels is about to be hella rich by lawsuits against every male creating thoughtforms against her…

@Fuego1 only if she has the mental capacity and spiritual ability to notice and… I find that highly unlikely, lmao… Humorous thought though…

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No, otherwise every porn actress in the world would be claiming their house is haunted.

It would only matter if you were obsessively fapping to thoughts of them, and when I say obsessive, I mean stalker type obsession. That kind of negative thinking could be construed to be a psychic attack by someone aware enough.


I could give the perspective of how spirits doing these kind of things, which I have done several times in here allready. How we do these kind of things is not as straight forward or even as comprehensible to understand and explain most of the times.

…but, if you know energies and it’s mechanics and functionalities - and being able to feel it physically and emotionally - you can have the upper hand in sending sexual thoughts, making them feel aroused and even be attracted to you. If they also have the same, or similar, abilities as you have.

I do wonder why you put the word “attack” on the topic, though. Why not ask politely for consent?

Unintentional correspondance in the astral plane, with sexual themes, doesn’t mean you’re “attacking” them, either. Unless they didn’t liked it, and you’re still pushing forward with these thoughts.

My conclusive thoughts on this particular question is that I think it’s an odd question. I work with energies 24/7, understand it’s mechanics and functionalities and understand how spirits utilizing it. I know the current of lust and other emotional currents, but I haven’t tried it on another forum member, intentionally, nor unintentially. Some members, in here, have felt sexual energy when reading me, though. :blush:


Well, the reason for the word “attack”, is simply because there is a reported rise in astral attacks. Given my natural guilty conscience, I wondered if it was due to my fapping over anyone. I also try not to will anything, even I’m fapping over anyone.
It is a good point to keep our fapping over or even attraction thoughts, off the forum.
Duly noted.
Thank you too, your posts are very informative.

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Well, there’s many ways to project your thoughts, even when fapping over someone you have corresponded with in here. You either project it outwards, or inwards. Projecting it inwards only affect yourself. Outwards, on the other hand, can affect others if they are sensitive to energies and picks it up easily.

I think you’re worrying too much, because you seldom leak energies. It’s quite contained within you, as I’ve sensed it from just reading your posts and threads in here.

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You are aware that it could be absolutely any person you come into contact with, not necessarily someone here.

You may have even pushed a thoughtform yourself at someone and they then picked up your energies and responded.

Perhaps you need to ask who you are attracted to OUTSIDE of the forum, who you have been fantasizing about and what you have been pushing out at the critical moment.

Anybody recently blocked you on social media, or behaved weirdly in your presence, become much more or less friendly towards you?

Then there is your answer. It’s not a psychic attack on you, they simply connected with you either unintentionally or if they fancied you (wonders never cease) intentionally.

You might need to grab your coat dear heart, you may very well have pulled, although at this point it’s not entirely clear what - male, female or undecided…

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Honestly, I’m more worried that any spirits i may accidentally think of when fapping might know that and get offended. This has been plaguing me for a couple of days, the worry that is. :tired_face:

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Possibly but unlikely as I don’t socialize much anymore, nor even go out to … Well, anywhere anymore.

Again, nobody.

Due to a recent death threat, I blocked all but those I feel I could trust 100%. As for exes, well, they’re exes, and past get together have been awkward to say the least, and my life is in shambles, so no point dating anyone right now. After all, I don’t routinely hit on homeless women, so I can’t imagine myself as good a prospect to a woman with her life together.

Perhaps the point made to me is quit thinking about sex and concentrate on getting your ascent together.

Or use the sex for Ascent. Sex magick is a viable path too. Convert the energy of your sexual thoughts into an energy circuit within.