Odd dream experience

Had a new/odd experience with a dream last night. Not sure what has relevance, so here it is:

I dreamed the world was having political and environmental issues (know this isn’t really crazy). I came in to possession of a piece of an ice crystal that sat in the middle of town. If I could give it to the one in town, it would become whole, but it would also cause the country to rise and fall in different area along tectonic plates. As soon as I realized what I had, a large man made of flame and a slimmer tall man that could turn into an owl began chasing me for it. I ran and hid in a side alley. The owl flew over head and spotted me and called out my position. Immediately the dream changed. It was night and I was slipping into someones house through an odd shaped door. The man was laying in bed and seemed to have light glowing within them. It was pitch black outside the glowing coming from him. He didn’t move but said they were coming and he would stall them. I felt as if a large group was descending upon me, the air was heavy, and I felt fear. I screamed, “Go Away Now!” The dream abruptly ended. I was staring at the back of my eyelids as I do when meditating or close to liminal state. I saw words scroll across the top right of my vision, but it was too fast to read. I then saw a few pictures materialize and dissipate, but they too I couldn’t quite make out. Then it stopped and I opened my eyes. It was 4:44 am and a couple owls hooted outside my window.

This wasn’t exactly a lucid dream, but it felt different. I wonder if someone was trying to communicate with me, but I ended it somehow unconsciously. I could of heard the owls outside and added them to my dream, but that too feels weird. Something I can’t shake about this, but not sure what I could of done differently. Anyone experienced something like this or have ideas?

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I had a series of very realistic dreams during a psychotic break last year. When I woke up, I was convinced that decades had passed because that’s what it honestly felt like- like I was in the other place for years. The doctor showed me the date and only 3 days had passed. I completely blacked out other than the “dreams”.
In the other place, it looked like everything was covered in this grey dust. Humans appeared to have completed decimated any nature left in the landscape into a dusty sprawl of buildings crumbled by war, and society had reverted to warring tribes and shit was just chaos.

4:44. 4:404…your dream reminded me of the frequencies of Choronzon 303 In the last cycle Piscean Age under Satan in Capricorn. Satan/Capricorn is shifting into Aquarius 404. Seems like you cleared all the distrotions to step into the new time cycle. Very cool