Ocha Santeria reading list

There’s avouple authors that I think know what they’re talking about. These books will explain the attributes about the Orishas. Baba Raul Canizares has little books about each Orisha that are good. Ewe Osain byWilliam J. Irizarry is a book about herbs used. I’ve read Carlos Montenegros book on palo Mayombe. As far as that goes the stuff he talks about in Palo isn’t the way that I was taught. But other Tatas swear by his stuff. Please educate yourselfs about these systems. So u can have an understanding about who is real and who is full of shit. After my last post I’m sick to my stomach and tired of fake ass mother fuckin posers that are trying to beat people. Oh and a big red flag should be if the religion is the only job they have. Everybody I deal with has a full time job and does the religions for the love and to help people. Not to make money. Everybody needs to get paid for services rendered. But some people out there give you bull shit fake stuff for really high prices. these books will help you.

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I’ve not heard anyone speak well of Montenegoes work.

To the rest of your post I agree.

I heard he’s initiated into Palo, but all his Quimbanda stuff is just shit. Considering he attempted to sell “Ngangas of Maria Padilha Reina”.

I don’t know about quimbanda. I do know this though. You can’t build an Nganga if your not iniated into palo. People don’t understand that in order to work these disciplines you have to be iniated and taught. U can read all the books you want but you have to have the license to use it. I would like to see the stats on people on here that are working with demons and other entities. How many actually have good lives as a result of working with them? How many are just full of shit. How many fucked up their lives by doing the wrong shit, because they read out of a book.

^Wish I could like that twice.

"So and so says…"
Yeah, that works for them, hows it working for you lol.

Another point is that being initiated doesn’t necessarily mean you’re any good at it, or anything in life. So many people pay for these things or it really is part of their direct family, but it’s just a lot of going through the motions. Same as hanging lights on the Christmas tree or carving pumpkins. It’s cute.

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Jay, agreed. I was just referencing the fact he claims to be making Ngangas for exus and Pomba Giras. He may be initiated into Palo for all I know, but that doesn’t give him license to work Quimbanda at all.

Yeah having the ceremony done doesn’t make u a good anything. You have to do it to be good. Tradition is everything to me. All I can say that the ceremony to iniate into palo is physical and intense. some people don’t pass through it. They give up befor it’s done because they can’t take the pain. I would love to see u go through it and tell me it’s just going through the motions.

I agree with you Euio.

Some Palo houses have become extremely polluted and watered down. There are too many houses that are adopting things from Ocha and other traditions into Palo. The problem? It isn’t Palo. Real Palo is Palo at it’s purest form. I find it sad that anyone would try to invent a “new” nganga. That isn’t real. An nganga is born from an nganga and the original ngangas are based on the mpungus.

Any Tata or Yaya that knows their stuff will tell you that most of the books on the market are only partially accurate at best. This is done intentionally. The author sells books and makes money, but none of the secrets are actually revealed. The only book in English on Palo that I have seen a Tata say is okay is The Garden of Blood and Bones by Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold, but even that one isn’t completely accurate.


yeah I’ve heard that’s bull shit too. Carlos Montnegro has a book of spells in Santeria that seems like it might be accurate. But I’m new to Ocha. I’m crowning Chango this year. And then I’m recieving Ifa after my year and 7 days. A lot of stuff I know in palo has gotten showed to me by the spirits in my pot. You can read 1000 books but once you get ur pot that’s when u learn from the spirit directly. Fyi guys anything that a spirit shows u is for you. Don’t go in these forums and blab ur results. Your fucking yourself by doing thst

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Well, the one by Gonzalez-whipper isn’t bad. But the Garden of Blood and Bones is decent. An anthropological work is the Society of the Dead by Ochoa. In Spanish I recommend El Monte by Cabrera.

I agree see I was taught title means a lot.

Palero is someone who works remotely with palo and no other religion!

Nganguelero - is a person who works with more than palo such as ifA, etc

But when you meet people you start to realize the difference because real palo has no mix

Malongo yaya

Books wise I know a few

Wyatt mcgaffey books
Art and healing of the Bakongo

Best book I have ever read in English is Death and the invisible powers the world of Kongo belief by Simon bockie

Lydia Cabrera ta makuende yayA
And Kimbisa Santa Cruz bien

Beto tuba Kikongo book in English

Books by dr fukia Bunseke

Fjort author books on Kongo
Back of the black man

I know many more books

whats ochoa, my dads and grandma and my last name is maldonado but ochoa maldonado is where my family only my grandma and my dad and living brother of his and my twin come from mexico chihuahua and i am curious t oknow what this name is coming from here

The authors that I would recommend would be:
Milo Riguad, Pierre Verger, William Bascom, Fu Kia Bunseke, McGaffey, Steven Palmie, Ortiz, Cabrera, Natalie Bolivar- Arestogui, Miguel Barnet, David H Brown, Willie Ramos, Cecilio Perez, Robert Farris Thompson, Olupona, Judith Gleason, LaChanatere, …there are more but would have to look. These cover Vodou, Palo, and Ocha.