OCD, parasites and egregores

I suffered from OCD my whole life since was a child, sometime is harder sometime is softer.
Is it possible that this disorder could lead to create an huge negative eggregore or astral parasytes?
So many years of feeling inadeguate and not enough, anxious etc.
I feel like trapped inside myself.


If you subscribe to a more animistic kind of perspective then, yes it’s possible.

But I’d be wary of feeding into such an idea, because you might inadvertantly create it by doing so while externalizing the problem.

It could. But I would think with good spiritual hygiene this could more or less be mitigated.


Although to be a little honest externalizing can help you separate from like say intrusive thoughts.

In my experience when I tell myself Im weak or I’m worthless or yada yada it seems a lot more negative and powerful coming from ME vs separating my IDENTITY from it.

You don’t attract what you want
you attract what you ARE and what you identify as.

The most powerful magic is to change what u identify as and embody that vibration. Acknowledging that bad thoughts or intrusive thoughts comes from something else separates you from your problem and not getting anywhere.

To quit smoking I stopped identifying as a smoker,
to work my a$$ off for my education I stopped identifying as lazy
And to prevent very very bad things from continuing in my life I stopped identifying as the victim :black_heart::black_heart::black_heart:

Not saying it’s easy but it’s the fundamentals of " as within so without ":raised_hands:



If Ocd is caused by a trauma, you can heal it with subconsciousness work with magical techniques (just basic energy work, like charging water with positive intentions).

Aren’t traumas are also thoughtforms, vampires, resides in our subconscious minds ?

Astral vampyres is another thing, but Ocd is mainly caused by traumas, according to my experience.


I also thought the astral parasite thing. I dont know the answer of your question. But working on subconsciousness worked well for me.

Priceless wisdom!

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