Occultists in new mexico

i am looking for occultist/magick practitioners in NM to work with and exchange info. if anyone is interested in doing so hit me up! being a solitary practitioner is cool and all but its nice to have people to talk to about the things you deal with in everyday life that others would scoff at and work with them on ritual

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You may find a better response asking a deity instead of here…

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im not in nm but im close el paso

ay im originally from TX! representtt

lol im not from here i just live here lol


lol i love the weather here though

lol yeah it isnt too bad

Hi there! I’m right on the outskirts of Albuquerque if you ever need anything.


appreciate it! im in Cbad same to you!

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if we are close we should start a group then

sounds very interesting. ive been wanting to get a black magick coven together

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i just need friends to talk to about this lol cant exactly say hey so i summoned a demon yesterday n it was awesome he was so kind and nice very articulet and talkitive n my other demon just sat back and listened to us i love the both of them ones a dear and the other is of many faces

thhey would burn me at the stake lol
i already had one lady talk to me about how much god loves me n im like i dont know you stop talking i hear this enough i didnt say it but i was thinking it…i wonder if my aura is darker since my summoning…

Thread necromancy,
Just wondering if the few of you guys from NM have the same problem I have. Here in Albuquerque it seems like nothing but hippy new agers, very hard to find people taking magic and the occult serious.

Also in Albuquerque. I think the old hispanic religious and the new age are pretty much the two around here but neither is what im into per se