Occult skull

I just got a skull and I want to put the symbols on it.
does anyone know which symbols go where?
are all the symbols astrological?
~ arianna :kissing_heart:
one that looks like this:


Well, I couldn’t speak of the subject, since I have no knowlegde in this area. But I have always noted that this varies from culture/practice to culture/practice.

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from what i see, the forehead is the symbol of mercury, temple area is venus, right cheek is jupiter i think, left cheek is saturn
top of the head i can’t tell but looks like a solomon circle used in, by the book goetic evocations


thanks, trying to figure out what goes on other side. I assume more astrological symbols but not sure about the placing.

I would guess the right temple is mars. Only ones missing from the original hermetic planets would be the sun and the moon, maybe those are on the back of the skull

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maybe so I will keep surfing, maybe I can find pictures of other side. and the back.

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My first instinct is this was a spirit vessel, could be wrong though. No clue what operation is used with it. other than planetary forces no clue what this would be used for. first guess was working with planetary spirits but i don’t know of a any rituals off hand that use the solomon circle with planetary spirits. Looks badass though :grin:


mars is opposite venus on the skull but cant find an image of the back.

Yes I want it to look awesome on my altar.

though I probably will find other uses for it as well.
skulls seem to show up in my magick alot.

i like this egyptian theme too.

maybe I will combine some stuff and come up with my own thing. :slight_smile:


Only thing that comes to mind off the top of my head would be a zodiac wheel on top to use a focus for planetary and elemental energies.

not clue where they got the life,time,matter,enegy and space associations but i kinda dig it. may see if this has any use later down the line.


i like it! :heart:

It looks like you’re right. I found another picture of the skull and it has the Mars symbol.


You can actually buy the skull on Luciferian Apotheca. (It’s not real bone btw) https://luciferianapotheca.com/products/qabalistic-black-alchemy-skull

yes I was just wanting to make it myself. and now im thinking of using a combination of symbols that i work with regularly and see how it looks.

I like the egyptian theme but I also like the astrological symbols.
and now that I have Lucifuge on my mind I may see if he has any advice for this.

thanks! :heart::grinning:


Sounds great. Is it a real skull?


This tells what all the symbols are and has pictures.

Hope it helps


no just a replica

Got my skull done! :skull: :smiling_imp::heart:



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Thanks! :slight_smile:

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