Occult podcasts

are there any interesting occult podcasts you guys know of that you could recommend? :blush:

So i wanted to bump this thread up and list some of the ones I listen to frequently.
So the list goes

Rune Soup - Gordon White - podcast talking about magick, astrology, spiritualism, etc

The Hermetic Hour - Poke Runyon - great podcast, pretty much exactly how it sounds Poke covers a wide variety of topics from the OTA, Kabalism, abrahamic magick, and much more

Living Thelema - Dr David Shoemaker - a practical understanding of thelemic ritual magick

DTFH. (Duncan trussell family hour) - Duncan Trussell - honestly this one is all over the place, i love it, lots of great guests, meditation, and his songs are like audible crack not to mention he got me aware of the problems presented by crows milk

Thelema Now! - a wide variety of magick and people who practice it, very informative

But theres many more, if you’d like to share some too please do!!!