Occult Initiations

Hi guys, I am new to the left hand path and interested in joining an occult with real powers to help me develop my inner abilities. I would prefer a society that offers astral initiations as I may not (for now) have the resources to travel for an in-person initiation.
I am African from Nigeria.
I would absolutely appreciate any and every advice, recommendation and or contribution.



As far as orders themselves, I am at a lost. I am self taught for the most part. The closest to a human mentor i have had was my grandmother, who has passed. That being said, grimoires themselves are essentially initiationary paths into that particular system, so my best advice would be to get your hands on one, such as the Goetia, and jump right into it.


Interesting topic. How important do you view a human mentor on the LHP for the adept?
So far, it works learning on my own; still, sometimes I wish I had a human teacher. :face_with_monocle:This may be a test, a task, a lection… :nerd_face:
What are your experiences?

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Personally, I agree with a point of view that EA has on the subject. Human mentors (while individual or as an order) can be very beneficial as they can keep you grounded and learning in a very structured path (assuming that there are no red flags like wanting sex in exchange for help for your “ascend”. There are predators out there unfortunately). I have heard many good things about mentorship programs and I do not down play anyone who wants to go down that route.

That being said, the con is that you will be working with THEIR system, which means you will be consciously (or unconsciously) exposed to their beliefs/dogma. Not necessarily a bad thing, but it can be a limitation if you allow it to become one. That is a big reason why I do not mentor others as I prefer to drop simple advice instead of unconsciously forcing my beliefs on another.

Walking alone can be very difficult and lonely. Often, a feeling of being lost emerges and an easier route can be very tempting. However, I have found that it is ultimately the only way to truly find who you are and push yourself beyond the illusion of your limitations, even if you have to walk into a thousand rabbit holes and twisted paths to get there. That is why I continue to walk it alone at my own pace.

Edit: these are just my thoughts on the subject. One could argue that working with grimoires themselves also expose you to the beliefs of the author. There are great mentors out there that do devote themselves to their students’ needs. It’s just not appealing to me personally


@Dralukmun thanks for your response. I’ve read a bit of different goetia, never really tried out anything to serious. I’ll look into reading and trying out more from the goetia… Thanks

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I have no experience whatsoever in the LHP. It’s just a bit confusing. I have a pull toward this but don’t know how to go about it. I really have Lil or no experiences …

If you wanted advice on basic left hand path philosophy I would recommend looking up Anton LaVey’s satanic bible.

If you’re interested in getting into the magic itself for free I would recommend vk jehannum website and YouTube channel. He has a page with resources for beginners here:https://vkjehannum.wordpress.com/ritualsforbeginners/ .

He also writes his rituals to need very little equipment.

EA koettings books are also a very good resource. Particularly Evoking Eternity and Works of Darkness. His YouTube channel is also fairly good generally.

You don’t really need to be initiated work in the occult.

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@Tee @Dralukmun
Do certain orders really have a knowledge that is important for me, which I can not achieve ‘alone’ (books, videos, or just daily life)? Until now, my experience is no. I also dont need the assistance of others to talk to and work with deities and they are great teachers. The feeling if being lonely is it what makes me thinking about that topic. My assumption: This is a test.:+1:

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