Occult Book Suggestions

Does anyone have any suggestions for books that contain actual rituals that produce results?Thanks to EA I’m beginning to understand the mechanics of ritual and how to make them work,but I’m looking for books based on rituals to gain more power in the occult,and to attract money.The genre of majick doesn’t matter it could be black,white,chaos,elemental,etc.I’m looking to develope a pathe of my own so any suggestions would be great.I haven’t been able to evoke yet but I know once I do all occult power will be revealed to me.

What results are you looking for? There a lots of books that produce results.
Any book of Koetting’s, Abramelin the Mage, Necronomicon, Initiation into Hermetics, Queen of Hell, etc… Koetting will teach you methods of success which should allow you to work with any Grimoire and get results. Tell us more specifics on the results you are looking for first (love, money, curses, astral gates, etc.).

In general, I would recommend you stay with Koetting’s writings and get comfortable there and then branch out. Maybe start with his ebook “Become A Living God” if you don’t have any of his other books.

Hope that helps.

I have all of koettings works but most of his stuff is based around evocation which I’m having a hard time opening sigils and making ANY kind of contact with spirits.I’m looking for some rituals that will increase my spiritual vision and have out of body experiances.Baneful Majick is all a magician could ask for when it comes to curses.I have a question abouthe black majick candle spell in EA’s e-book in the black majick left hand path section.Just how powerful is this candle spell?Are there certain limits to how extreme of a request you can make?

Can you open a sigil? If you can I would recommend doing a lot of work with Sastan from KOF. Just don’t be so surprised when he pops up right by you looking like a lizard man.

Other than E.A.'s works (especially Questing after Visions) I can’t think of any better book to help you see spirits.

I can’t open sigils thats why I’m looking for other methods to opening up my spiritual sight and increase my power.

Musta_Krackish, in terms of not using a sigil nor a prelim to the training- as you mention having all EA’s works, then have you done the Wandering Spirits (Vision and the Voice Ch in Evoking Eternity)?

issue of whether you are “seeing” spirits in your “room”, in the nearby (like through the wall- yet Outside), or in the nearby <Astral-Etheric, energetic freqs>. or even “seeing” through Skying- so they are distant, but connected somehow (thus a link to them). -not need to differentiate, just work to see, as step in that Ch -what’s there? (start not with “vision” nor Eyes- but feel- sense Something?.. develop/unfold that…)
(have you done the technique of seeing Auras- not the technical aura- but that shimmer that surrounds all things- even objects- can look to see around your hands in the same way, if you sense something there- attention to it, and describe it to your self (even if it is what it might be like, as you perceive… later try again- etc. develops your sensory- and it will become more in your awareness.

just realize Seeing with "other Eyes" are different eyes (won't look the same as with phy eyes- but over time- just as Real and distinct- just different)
  [just as you can come to realize that SEEing with those -senses- have a whole stream-of-knowing along with them that isn't noticed for a while.. once open to that as well... like the Knowing that comes from "behind" the colors that aren't quite colors in the haze. which know-that knowing and that awakens a whole-nuther layer of perceiving...

[ and perhaps something in Works of Darkness I’m not certain, but I think there is a section in that also?]

also the question about: the BALG ebk
<< Just how powerful is this candle spell?Are there certain limits to how extreme of a request you can make? >>

either you are doing the Ritual to trigger your own associations (your own Con and energies- etc), or you are eliciting through that rite other Energies and perhaps Beings to join the impulse of the Rite.
-hard to say which of those two, just as possibilities- how connected one is- but either I’d say is depending upon what is an Available Option in your Sphere of Possibilities. [SEE further, more poss are recog’d and thus avail- just as any Master of a subject knows more shortcuts that most newer wouldn’t even conceive of]

-so that means either limited or powerful- depending upon the Consciousness-Level you are acting from  ..ie don't just do it from the persona that experienced the Life-Problem (as the quote, "the solution to a prob does not come from the same level of Con which conceived of the question." )   

or as Taoist saying- if you “can’t do it” anything is “hard, difficult” (actually not as if you Can’t= can’t thus impossible… but you may “be able” be capable but think not… so Mind-Con doesn’t connect-up), if you “can do it” anything is “easy”… or more so, if you know how (not just in concept but know-it in and out) then it is by definition Simple. may not be easy (as easy is more contrasted to effort/strain) but its simple as you can.

(and over time things you "thought" you couldn't "can't".. you later can. 

and some things you thought/knew you “could” … you later can…) this i’d say is related to what that spell can/will do (or what grimmoires can/will do- that is even trickier as Information is completely changed by what other info you know: ie a bk you read, later you read/learn something else, go back and read the first bk again… and now you “know” what it says… (later still- it may reveal more- what is the “real info”?)

I hope all that above provides something- luck

I havn’t tried that exercise but I did see a spirit while invoking omnipotence.I’ll give that exercise a shot.I’ve been meaning to but instead just jumped right into tryin to evoke.

Follow the exercises in Works of Darkness and Evoking Eternity, these exercises will build your foundation for more advanced magick. Trying to evoke without being able to communicate with a spirit is like trying to be a high diver without knowing how to swim.

S. Connolly has a good system with a strong focus on meditation and visualization.

To further what -TWF- wrote, I’ve been thinking/noticing how much even the Weird-Skills that develop, as stabilizing/building such, to be able to Contact (let Alone Evoke and thus Comm)… even more so the preparation, in terms of the MindSpace.

Ie, like managing to get a meeting with a Tycoon-Project Developer… you always wanted such a contact and get something together and going, and yet step in, not know how they are (and they assoc, they flows in process), let alone not have a Proposal ready… [ie what could be called, not having done one’s homework… which doesn’t mean a specific set of ABC things to know. Rather to be able to “speak on their wavelength” -to join, and contrib, to the discussion.]

anyway- that is a very “real-world” mundane example, but it does relate to what could be called (in that context) Movers… So in terms of Entities that are Movers… not directly, but along the same lines…

(ie as EA mentioned in recent interview about “hiring him” to make sure one has done the things that could have been done first… or to say differently, to call up an Entity who is Expert at __ and then ask for help and yet you admit, I have a few things I could have done but I hadn’t yet… and I haven’t really looked into it, just to familiarlize myself. etc. -S. Cagliastro said some related concept about not necessarily do random things, but have what is started not be left undone- thus works from there)

So thus Call up XYZ which knowledge and Intell is absorbed and integrated (not in words- but in Con) before they arrive, let alone once they do (one’s self changes)… and that expanded/altered awareness is a type of knowledge… but call up and like “Hi”… silence… they silent too (?) or rambling random comm and wonder what use is this, I called up XYZ and didn’t get an clear-info… but can one “connect with” (vs someone enters a discussion and you feel they “don’t get it”)

-I hope some of that might have made sense… of course there are layers of the spiral (however you begin, once you develop doing else will look different later… so its not get-it-perfect the first time…

just the Principle what is going on in this Moment this Action? (not just a Purpose Outcome I’m seeking- but what it Happening? As H Lector said “Marcus Aurelius of each thing, ask your self what is it, in ItsSelf. What does it do?” What is its nature.

Nocturnicon by konstantinos has produced remarkable results for me. as well as nocturnal witchcraft and gothic grimoire and summoning spirits