Obtaining Dead Bodies for Necromancy

To My Fellow Necromancers,

I have received many emails on just how to obtain a dead body for the usage of Necromancy. Many are either not able to find a remote cemetery and pull the body out of the ground. There are also legal issues that comes with this sort of behavior. In the USA if you are caught grave robbing or desecrating a grave site, the average jail sentence can range from a slap on the wrist or five to ten years imprisonment.

With that in mind I remember the first time I needed a human femur, but could not find a cemetery safe enough not to get caught. I desperately needed this Ritual Fetish Relic, but I refused to pay an ungodly amount of money to get the femur.

I struggled for weeks tossing back and forth on what I should do. I then consulted with Baron and he told me to go to my local funeral home. I did so, and it only cost my $18. The body was to be cremated, so I returned to him at the time he told me and handed me a body part. The only issue I had was removing the flesh of off the femur. Nevertheless, this worked for me on serval occasions.

I would recommend the same for anyone else who is interested. Work through my book: Necromantic Sorcery: Forbidden Rites of Death Magick, and when you need a particular bone contact Baron Samedi to receive counsel on your next move. He is great at persuading those who deal with dead bodies and death in general.

Once you have the Relic, bury it in the cemetery about three to six feet below the ground. Do this three days before the New Moon. Layout and open his veve over the grave of the femur. Sit in meditation and commune with Baron. Ask him to show you how to have the power of the dead placed in the Relic, giving it much more Power than just burying the femur.

Retrieve the Relic on the night of the Full Moon. Give thanks to Baron and place nine pennies, often it is better to use copper pennies, but they are difficult to obtain, in the grave after you obtained your relic. Thank Baron once more, and as your proceed out of the graveyard throw three sliver coins over your left shoulder.

Do not look back or think about where they landed. This is an offering for the dead in helping you obtain such a Powerful Relic. If you wish to enhance your ritual and the Power of the Relic, Sacrifice a black rooster. Lay the bone in the grave and spill the blood over the relic. Then bury the rooster with the femur or bone of your choice.

I hope this helps any of you seeking physical body parts that are fresh and untouched. However, you must know that even this method is illegal, and I am legally obligated to tell you not to do this, so do yourself a favor and DON’T DO IT! There now I am not involved. :smiley:

I wish you all well as you travel up and down the tree and swimming in the roots. Operate in Power; Live in Power; Die in Power


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Nice! Thx bro!

I havent seen much on asian magick in these forums, but apparently they are big into necromancy due to ancester worship, and as you mentioned the relics of dead lamas and such. Apparently it is a $300M a year industry in places like Thailand:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/justin-mcdaniel/thai-buddhism-magic-money-murder_b_1016115.html
I would like tomsuggest that one can obtain the parts in the same manner as from the funeral home from hospitals due to amputations, but these people may not have died…