Obsession rituals

Hello everyone! I created this thread because I want to group all obsession (red magic) rituals in one place. What are the simplest, but most effective obsession rituals? Describe them.


This can become a great thread

If you mean obsession rituals to make someone obsessed with you, the simplest ritual I’ve done involved an obsession jar:

Lavender oil for love
Come to me oil
Stuck on me oil
Commanding oil
Photo of me and target with sigil of spirit over their face

Put ingredients in jar, saying what you want, visualizing what you want etc, call on spirit, make so and so obsessed with me, fold paper towards you, put in jar.

Light candle on top of jar, when it burns out put under the bed. Work the jar for a week or so.

That worked for me when I did it a few different times. It was overwhelming to a point I had to open the jar and dispose of it because I couldn’t take it anymore, so be careful what you ask for.

Hope that was what you were referring to…