Obsession of time

Let me explain myself first.

I never thought time travel would ever matter to me, in fact I have no interest in altering my reality as much as I have interest in seeing the time of the beginning and the end. However, with that in mind after hearing of a condition known as temporal lobe epilepsy I have become convinced and obsessed over the possibilities.

It seems that one known condition of this trait is the assumption one has “gone back in Time.” These often refer to memories of the past, but I wonder over the possibilities.

Now I’ve considered not posting this at all but as I proceeded to delete this I felt the incense from my 4 deamons choke me instead of comfort. I think the point is few will be successful in this matter. Especially considering the inherit risk with this practice. So let’s add this label:


Practice in this may cause insanity, epilepsy, other mental illness, and quite honestly if you are successful maybe even death.

I need to consult some sources on a possible means of approach here, but I am asking for volunteers not only in the practice but information regarding other sections of the brain.

If you wonder if I am crazy, than the answer is quite assuredly, Yes.

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In a way, I’m glad no one answered to this, but I had to post it because I’ve felt that itch that can’t be scratched if I didn’t.

The practice of what, specifically? Inducing temporal lobe seizures?

What information about other sections of the brain are you seeking?

No that was more a reference to the possibility of time travel through that section of the brain in particular.

Other information such as what other parts can induce.

Ah. Well, I think one reason one might think one has gone back in time during an epileptic episode involving the temporal lobe is that this is where the hippocampus is and other areas that deal with the consolidation of memory into long-term storage. As such, stimulation of the area can bring memories “back to life”, so to speak. I remember the account of an experiment I read a while back where stimulation of certain areas in the temporal lobe with an electrode led the patient to describe how she was reliving various memories of her past like it was vividly happening again.

Theoretically, anything one has ever experienced through the senses is stored somewhere in the brain, (probably) through the modification of synaptic potentials as well as the formation of new synapses, so being able to “unlock” this could allow instant photographic recall of the past. Not quite time travel, but close enough.

Either way, experimentation is definitely needed to determine the true potential.

Here’s a small but only update for the curious passerby, @Nyxifer

Seems to be right about memory recall, at least so far more experimentation is needed. I decided to give it a test myself with a set of instructions to my subconscious, such as don’t let me choke on vomit or my own tongue if I start seizing lol.

Okay, I filled that section of the brain like a chakra and began to focus on the specific day I wanted to jump to. It was actually quite intense, the feeling was massive, and to a small degree I did start shaking like electricity struck me after awhile.

I noticed after focusing on this spot in my brain for so long and the day I wanted at the same time: I did start to recall the day, randomly and partially through my own eyes.

At some point I fell asleep and had thee most vivid dreams after, but yeah.

So this can be quite effective in memory recall, time travel… to be discovered still.

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