Obsession jar spell without using Cotton balls?

Here in Japan cotton balls doesn’t exist, there’s no witch store around (most of the people here are atheist). It took 2 weeks for me to find a red candles. In Japan they made everything in advance like the electronic toilets. It’s hard for me to find materials in here. Is there an obsession jar without using Cotton balls?

You could order them from a distance online

It just says cotton in all the ones ive seen. Though many do use cotton balls it’s never specific. I could imagine you could use 100% cotton fabric to wrap the petition in. I don’t think it has to be cotton balls. Its more about your intent really. Fabric should work.

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Another alternative is to simply try a different method

You could order them online I guess. Plenty of choice from 3 to 6 USD on Ebay😊. Good luck!

I tried a really awesome Jar spell once , but it uses a chicken heart. You place the petition and any personal items of the target inside the heart. You can also just try an obsession candle spell. You don’t have to use a jar

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I read in a book called Spellcasters’ Reference by Eileen Holland

She said that white colored candles can be used to substitute for any other candle. Cotton Squares can be substituted too because its still cotton, and can be found on Amazon.com for makeup. If you have an old teddy bear or other stuffed animal you can use the cotton from there too.

Also please not that I havent done many spells but the ones I have done (when involving specific candle colors) have worked fine. I hope this helps you!