Obsessing over target

Ok so in late June I met someone online and it was amazing. Basically everything I wanted in a relationship except that it was long distance, but he claimed to have serious feelings for me and said we would be an amazing couple and blablabla.
He moved to my current location in September (not for me but for work) and we met in person a total of three times. While he was incredibly romantic and kind online, in person and after being intimate he gradually became colder, to the point he would literally stand me up the last time we were supposed to meet.
I tried attracting him through manifestation (LOA and the likes) and it did yield some results but they quickly vanished. I decided to get into magick as a beginner with the goal of attracting him back into a commitment as I want.
I tried the heartagram spell and the next thing I know he blocked me on Instagram. Oddly enough he didn’t block me on WhatsApp (our main communication channel) so I asked him why did he do that, and he simply said he decided out of nowhere he didn’t want anything to do with me. He didn’t block me there anyway so my guess is he doesn’t completely hate my guts, but it was still surprising that he did that days after I casted the spell.
Yesterday I casted a love spell using a red candle, my period blood and Sallos sigil and chant. After I performed the spell I felt a bit tired which I think it means I connected successfully with Sallos.
I know it’s way too early to expect any results, and to be honest if I have to move on and forget him I’ll be fine with that as well. He is my preference but he isn’t the only man I can connect to.
However I’ve been obsessing with him and can’t take him out of my mind since then which is a bit annoying. Can anyone please share some insights into my situation? Is this a good or bad sign? Did I invoke the right entity or should I try again with another one?
Thanks in advance for your help.


Sometimes our spells will not work for the best of our own interest. Or rather they work as they are supposed to. This man, as much as you like him is not coming to you because he is not meant to. I hate that you have to be in this position as I know it is painful and frustrating. However, I believe it would be best to know that you tried, respect the spells as they have manifested or not and know that it is all turning out the way it needs to you, for you. Allow the magic to work on its own without force. Whatever the outcome, be open to it.


What would be a reasonable timeframe to see results (or lack thereof)? I casted the Sallos spell on November 1st.

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And yes, it is extremely frustrating because I’m 33 years old and still single with no suitors, only men who want sex from me and nothing more. I’ve considered taking my own life because of this. What you’re saying is extremely triggering for me.

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I 100% agree with @Abyzu !!!

I had something similar happen to me with that spell. He didn’t block me anywhere, but he ghosted me and got back together with his ex. I went no contact and still maintain it to this day.

I couldn’t see it clearly back then, but Abyzu is absolutely right, he just wasn’t what’s best for me.

If you get no results within six months, move on.

Actually, move on from now. The sooner you start healing and working on yourself, the better. Let it go.

Lol yeah, I’m in my 30s too and that’s just what the dating scene is like these days. I think I’m better on my own.

If you’re considering hurting yourself because you feel you need a man by your side, then you need to work on your self love and sense of self-worth.

You can’t manifest love from a place of need. It has to be something you want but that you realize you don’t really need. Otherwise, you’ll have a codependency problem.

Stay away from the Magickal Seduction book, it will only make you obsess over your target. Been there, done that, wasted my time.


But why does it work for other people and not me? What’s so bad about me?

Nothing. It didn’t work for me and that doesn’t mean there’s anything “wrong” with me lol

I agree with what Abyzu said:

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I don’t get it. He was amazing and then he changed all of a sudden without me doing anything. It’s not the first time this happened to me and I’m starting to think I’m cursed.

It’s not a curse, it’s human behavior.

I apologize for being intrusive but… did you sleep with him? A lot of men bang and ghost.


We were intimate a couple of times. It’s probably my fault then.

There you go :woman_shrugging:

No curse, no magick. Good ol’ pump and dump.


Yes because I’m disposable. I want to be like these women that men take seriously and fall in love with and commit to but it’s not happening. Which is why I want to die.

First and foremost, go to therapy. Work on self love and your sense of self-worth.

No, you’re not disposable. What people do to you speaks of them and their value, not yours. Other people’s choices define them, not you.

Magick-wise, I’d suggest calling Archangel Raphael or Orpaniel to help you heal and love yourself.

When you feel more stable, you can begin to try other rituals to attract a soulmate or a person that will truly appreciate you and make you happy, and that you will love and he will love you back.

For now, work on healing, both with therapy and the assistance of spirits.


I completely agree with all of what BloodForPoppies has said. I have also been through similar things with men and had to look inward as to why I was attracting these kinds of men. It has little to do with magic and more to do with your mindset.


I just talked to the target and basically he said he wants nothing to do with me because of a misunderstanding we had. Although I tried my best to explain things to him and told him I wanted to give the relationship a second chance, he still said no and asked me to delete his number. I’m absolutely gutted.

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He gave you an excuse.

Remember: other people’s choices and perceptions of you are not indicatives of your worth.

You’ll get over this, you’ll see! Just keep moving forward! You can do better than that guy!

I am very sorry that this happened.

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Do you know if or where can I get a free reading to gain some clarity? I don’t feel it’s an excuse but I’m not so sure.

It definitely is an excuse, no need for a reading (and be careful not to get obsessed with readings! stay away from pick-a-card videos on youtube, they’re addictive just as they are generic).

When a guy wants to pump and dump, they’ll grab whatever petty excuse they can think of to do the discarding. Sometimes they blame it on you (like a misunderstanding) so you’ll crawl promising to “do better” (which will only make them lose any remaining respect for you), other times they’ll say they’re confused, they don’t know what they want, they have traumas to battle, they can’t deal with the feelings… it’s all bs, they had it planned from the beginning. Don’t crawl, don’t beg. He told you to delete him everywhere, so DO IT without hesitation. Don’t forget to block him everywhere too!

If he ever shows up again, it will NOT be because he misses you or realized your worth. It will be because he’s bored or the one he’s pursuing won’t give him the time of day.

Focus on healing and moving on.

Regarding your petition to Sallos, I suggest you contact Sallos again and tell him what happened, tell him you want to heal, and tell him to help you love yourself.

Think of it:

  • You met online five months ago.
  • You don’t know who this guy is, you only know what he said about himself. He could be married or whatever.
  • He love-bombed you online, which is incredibly easy to do because YOU DON’T KNOW HIM.
  • You met three times and had sex twice.
  • After sex, he detached.
  • He stood you up (he already got what he wanted so he doesn’t care anymore)

These are his choices. This is who he is. Whatever he told you when flirting online was bs. ALL OF IT. His actions are the only reality that matters, and his actions are that of a douche.

Remember: only our choices can define us. He made the conscious choice of using you and discarding you. What does that make him?

Don’t you think you deserve better?

Go call Sallos so he can help you heal. You already gave him your blood, he’ll listen. Tell him about your heartbreak, focus on asking him to help you move on, NOT on bringing this douche back!

When you’re truly healed in a few months from now, curse the sh1t out of him. Make his dick rot and fall off.



Thank you.

I know for a fact this guy isn’t married, he’s quite young and I’ve been to his apartment so I know he lives alone.

But my point is, why can’t I be the one he pursues seriously? Why am I not valuable to him (or any other man for that matter)? It’s been an entire life of this and I don’t want it anymore.

You said it yourself: I gave Sallos my blood and all I get in return is heartbreak. I don’t even know if he listens or even cares. This is not how it was supposed to go.

I’m pretty sure he will treat the ones worth pursuing seriously and with respect. Turns out he doesn’t think I’m one of them.