Objects Of Power Hypothesis

Ok. So hold on to yourhats because this is a weird occult related tinhat theory. I was playing a game called “Control” (please read a bit further, I promise it’ll be worth the cringe) and something in the game resonated with one of my occult hypothesis’.

So, in the game there is a group that is focused on researching paranotmal phenomena and so called o.o.p or Objects Of Power. These are items that are surrounded with strong mutual feelings and thought patterns, superstitions etc of people. For example a ladder: going underneath it brings bad luck, right? So many people belief that walking underneath the ladder brings bad luck that it actually starts to bring bad luck.

Now, law of attraction group would suggest it brings bad luck because of the individual vibrating at a rate that pulls bad luck to them. However the game “Control” poses another hypothesis: that it is in fact THE OBJECT that changes it’s vibration and the object causes the bad luck because people have infused it with the belief of it being able to cause such bad luck and this amount of energy alters the object.

Now my question is: We are lead to belief that our tools of magic (wands, cauldrons, herbs…) are just extensions of our will. But what if they become objects of power because so many magicians use them with pre-existing thought that they can alter happenings? What if the tools can actually be altered with enough people believing in their power? This would mean there are endless possiibilities to create tools that could help not just the magician but many others too. What do you guys think? (Sorry for tinhatting) And I know what originated this idea in my head is a game, a fictional theory but it seemed important to discuss.


Technically your right, every tool has energy in a sense. From the elements its made of, description of its purpose and the energy we feed into the ideas of it.

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Yeah interesting idea, I think you could be on to something.

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